best of 2010

My favorite images from this past year ...... January 2010

Pink tulips basking in the sweet morning light on my kitchen windowsill.

February 2010

The Old Pink House in beautiful Savannah, Georgia.

March 2010

The softest pink of the spring blooms on a cloudy day.

April 2010

Finding beauty in the most unexpected places.....

May 2010

Afternoon tea with the women in my family - priceless.

June 2010

The cookie jar at my favorite brunch restaurant.

July 2010

The birth of my second daughter.

August 2010

Still adjusting to having two girls!

September 2010

Fresh concord grapes from the farmers market.

November 2010

Loved the beauty of fall in Pennsylvania.

December 2010

Reflecting in my quiet space.

I love looking back over my work this past year.  Each of these image takes me right back to that specific time and place.

Here are my best from 2009.  What are your favorite images from this past year?