captured moments, late spring

A few moments I've captured lately.  I'm currently loving this Spring weather - sun mixed with showers almost everyday.

My favorite flower, ranunculus,  brightening my desk.  They never cease to make me smile.

There's nothing quite like freshly picked strawberries.  These are courtesy of my nephews.  I had so many, my freezer is packed for the winter as well.

The newest succulent to join our family.  Let's hope I can keep this one alive.  With a newborn on the way, I'm not so sure - but I will definitely try.

Enjoying rainy and quiet Sunday mornings....

First blooms of the peonies I planted last year!  I was so proud, I didn't have heart to clip them and bring them inside.

There is something about flowers that make a house a home.

Eggs have been in heavy rotation around here for breakfast.  My girls like them hard boiled.

Our spring garden is looking good.  So far, I've planted tomatoes, bell peppers, rosemary, parsley, and cucumbers.

More, soon.