lots of green in the garden this year

20140519-©azzari_jarrett20140519-©azzari_jarrett-220140519-©azzari_jarrett-320140519-©azzari_jarrett-420140519-©azzari_jarrett-5© Azzari Jarrett Lots of green in the garden this year.

I am really enjoying being outside and getting my hands dirty.  I didn't plant anything last year because I was pregnant.  I didn't have the energy to tend to plants daily, as I like to do.  I have to admit that I missed harvest, though.

It feels really good to be out there again.  My girls enjoy planting and watering, and it is always fun for them to join me.

This year, I have planted tomatoes, parsley, cilantro, bell peppers, green onions, and strawberries (not all pictured here).  My rosemary has been going strong for almost 3 years.  If only I could keep the rabbits from munching on my veggies and my flowers.  Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated!

Images from my garden in 2012 here.