my peonies

© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett © Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett

I planted peony bulbs in my garden about 3 years ago.  It has taken them this long to develop, establish themselves firmly and grow.  And oh my, how they have grown this year!  A little tip that I learned that I want to share in case you decide to plant your own.  My peony buds were covered in ants at certain times.  I almost got rid of them, thinking that they would harm the blooms.  Quite the opposite, the ants actually eat the sweet nectar of the blooms in exchange for attacking bud-eating pests.  They actually help the peonies to bloom.

And bloom is exactly what they did.  I was able to fill the house with these beauties, and if I could bottle the sweet aroma and and insert it here, I most certainly would.

And because I can't help but shoot with film, I captured the peonies on Polaroid film~

© Azzari Jarrett

When I photograph with Polaroid film, I always get the feeling that it will live on forever.  Far beyond my years.  Only time will tell.