Documenting April with Project Life

Some days (and weeks) are better for me creatively than others.  There are times when things will flow for me - and others times when I struggle to find my rhythm. 

This was the case for me last week. I had a few problems with my printer (all worked out now) and things didn't quite go as planned. I had set aside precious amounts of time to work on documenting April and nothing quite fell into place. When that happens, I have to step away from my creative space for a bit.

So glad that I took some time away. I was able to complete a few spreads, and I wanted to share one of them with you today.

My spreads always begin with my photos - they are the story I want to tell.

My daughter recently started taking violin lessons and she is loving it.  I enjoy watching her play and so glad that her teacher doesn't mind when I pull out my camera during the lessons.

The black and white title card is from the March Messy Box and the 3x4 filler cards are from the Studio Calico Odyssey Project Life Kit.

The peonies from my garden finally bloomed in April, and I quietly enjoyed them one morning with my coffee.

I journaled on a piece of vellum paper - love the texture it provides in the spread.

And I loved the "I'm a Cool Mom" card in the Lauren Project Life Kit. I trimmed it down and adhered my photo to the right side, running it through the sewing machine for a handmade look.

You can find out more about Project Life, a fun and simple way of documenting, here.