Details Mini Book - Part II

In March, I shared the first part of my Details Mini Book from Tina's Mini Book Class.  And although this book will never quite be "done" - I wanted to share a little more of my progress. 

I still have not altered the cover - I think that I like the simplicity of it.

I also wanted to point out just how thick this little book is - filled to the brim with little artifacts from my life these past few months.


This mini is the perfect place to include the room key from one of our favorite hotels in Atlanta. And yes, we totally book hotel getaways in our home city!

Stencils + watercolor all throughout the book.

I also included some of my favorite instagram captures.

Watercolor + image transfers on packaging tape.


I'll admit - it was hard to punch holes in one of my favorite polaroids, but I really love that it is included and out of my film drawer.

A little pen image transfer on a kraft tag.


A mini instax over watercolor.


And based on one of the prompts on from the class, I included a secret in this kraft envelope.

I have so much love this little (fat) book!  I plan to continue to add journaing and other bits and pieces throughout the year as I complete more prompts.