Week In The Life Recap

Azzari Jarrett | Week In The Life Recap

Last week, you may have noticed that things were a bit quiet around here.  Mostly because I participated in Ali's yearly Week In the Life Project, where I documented what the 3rd week in August looked like for us this year.

Last week was definitely not a typical week for us.  I almost decided not to participate.  We are in the middle of transitioning from summer mode to school mode - which means new schedules that we aren't completely used to quite yet.  There were tears, and sick days, and calls home from school, and appointments, and things that just made last week anything but ordinary for us.

But I'm glad that I did.

I was able to document our family going through changes and how we adjusted to those changes at this point in our lives.  Looking back, I definitely captured moments that I love and I know I will cherish.  And there are also some things about our days that I would like work on.  That's the beauty of the project.

One practice that I have been consistent about (and which I find is almost as important as the pictures themselves) is taking some time every evening to write down my observations from the day, funny quotes that I overheard from my girls, what I was grateful for that day, and my favorite moment. Ali's daily sheets were perfect for this.

I am looking forward to bringing all of my photos + words together in an album, which I will share soon.

You can view my 2013 and 2014 album here.