Floral Printable Journal Cards

 Azzari Jarrett | Floral Printable Journal Cards

New set of Floral Printable Journal Cards in the shop today. 

For these designs, I used my favorite mediums - watercolor, ink, and gouache.

 Azzari Jarrett | Floral Printable Journal Cards

Each painting inspired by Archer and Olive's 5 day painting party on Instagram last week.

Take a peek at the originals of each design in my sketchbook.

 Azzari Jarrett | Watercolor Leaves

Monday: Leaves

 Azzari Jarrett | Ink and Watercolor Botanical - Begin

Tuesday: Word

 Azzari Jarrett | Rainbow Watercolor Florals

Wednesday: Rainbow

 Azzari Jarrett | Gouache Butterfly

Thursday: Large shape made of smaller shapes

 Azzari Jarrett | Gouache Floral

Friday: Florals

Enjoy the  journal card set!