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August In the Garden | Azzari Jarrett
August in the Garden | Azzari Jarrett

Eating cherry tomatoes from my garden at least twice a week.  If you look closely at the second picture above, you can see a cucumber as well!  There's something about cherry tomatoes and summer that go hand and hand for me.

Inspired by Brian Chesky's post, 7 rejections.  He shares a few of the rejection letters from five potential early investors to Airbnb (he didn't hear back from the other two).  A reminder that not everyone will see the greatness in what you do, but it doesn't mean you should quit.

Brainstorming ways to make the transition to school a bit easier for my 5 year old daughter.  Kindergarten days are long and new schools take a while to get used to.

Amazed by the beauty of these film photographs.  Photographer Meagan Abell found a box of vintage film negatives in a thrift shop in Richmond, Viriginia. She has launched a campaign to find the photographer and the models in the photographs.  And it looks like she may be close to finding her answers.

Listening to my new favorite podcast - Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert.  She seeks to create "road maps for the path to creativity, the extra nudge you need when you're feeling stuck." If you are a creative person, you will find so many words of wisdom in these episodes.

Sad to hear that CVS has officially stopped developing film.

Discovered the blog of Staci Lee Kennelly, a life developing, and lost of few hours looking at her photographs.

I've never tried 8x10 polaroids, but these portraits definitely have me intrigued. 

What have you enjoyed this month?

Art on the Atlanta Beltline

Art on the Atlanta Beltline | Azzari Jarrett
Art on the Atlanta Beltline | Azzari Jarrett
Art on the Atlanta Beltline | Azzari Jarrett

One of the tough things about shooting with film is that it is not easy to hand your camera off to someone so that you can actually *appear* in a photo.   

It's kind of a complicated process when they realize that they are holding a film camera!

But last week, when I had lunch with my sister, we passed this beautifully painted wall, part of Art on the Atlanta Beltline, I knew I wanted my portrait taken in front of it.  She was apprehensive at first, but after a few quick pointers, she nailed it with the images above.

I definitely feel more comfortable behind the camera, but I treasure the rare occasions when I am in actually in front of it.


I also wanted to mention that I am once again participating in Ali Edwards' Week In The Life this year.  I am mostly using my digital SLR for this project, mainly because I plan on using the self timer so much this week.  

Although I won't be posting daily recaps here, I will be sharing some of my completed album.  You can follow along with me on Instagram.

Lately, On The Table

On the Table | Nikon F100 | Kodak Porta 160 | Azzari Jarrett
On the Table | Nikon F100 | Kodak Porta 160 | Azzari Jarrett
On the Table | Nikon F100 | Kodak Porta 160 | Azzari Jarrett
On the Table | Nikon F100 | Kodak Porta 160 | Azzari Jarrett

Nikon F100 | Kodak Portra 160

Whenever life gets a bit hectic, I like to retreat to what is familiar.  And for me, that usually means grabbing my camera and capturing the morning light on my table.  I am always drawn to the shadows and light.

And when I cannot control all of the change going on around me, I love to keep up with little rituals that bring me comfort - preparing my coffee in the morning, tending to my small garden, and keeping fresh flowers in our home.

Change has always been hard for me, I know this and I accept it.  The key is to be able to bend and adapt.  And capturing bits and pieces my life always helps to see me through.

Amelia Island on Film

Last weekend, my husband and I were able to sneak away for a quick weekend trip to the Florida coast - Amelia Island.  We stayed at the Amelia Island Plantation Resort - and it was beautiful.  We enjoyed pockets of sunlight in between the clouds, and it was good to get away for a bit.  

I decided to only bring two cameras on this trip - my Pentax K1000 and my Fuji Instax Mini (for a mini book I decided to make at the last moment, which I'll share soon).

Here are a few of my film captures.

morning cup

It's not only the coffee I love in the morning, it's the process.

Selecting a cup (this one gifted to me by my sister-in-law), putting the kettle on the stove to boil, pouring over the grinds in my Chemex, waiting for the perfect brew. It truly sets the tone for my day.

Have a great weekend, friends.

what i know to be true

Azzari Jarrett - The Sweet Light Quotes, links, thoughts, and other tidbits that I have found to be true this week:

  • I really enjoy good writing.  Especially when the writing is about the truth of motherhood.  Coffee and Crumbs is a collection of stories of motherhood, love, truth, and the good kind of heartache.  Motherhood and Anxiety and Not So Simple Math are excellent reads.  I look forward to more goodness from this space.
  • I've followed Cindy's work for years.  It is so good to get a behind the scenes look at her process exploring different aspects of photography through her DSLR, film, and iPhone.
  • Blown away by all the creative resources available through oozled, a must for any creative or designer.
  • Lost a few hours reviewing the work of Kirstin Mckee.

Have a great weekend.