Project Life: Moments Like These

My oldest daughter has a proper baby book, with every little detail documented - her first doctor appointments, smile, sleeping through the night, first steps..... 

My second daughter technically has a baby book that I started, but never finished.  Memories and drawings, and random things collected, but not organized or documented.

And as I'm sure for most 3rd children, my baby girl doesn't even have a baby book!  No time for that.  She will be two years old this summer, but I don't think it's too late to document my favorite pictures and memories.

For this layout, I used Liz's new Project Life collection, Moments Like These, by Stampin Up. As always, I love all of the black and white cards and pops of mint color.  Perfect for documenting the first few days with my baby girl. 


For me, the pictures tell the story - always.  I love choosing cards that compliment the photos, and not distract from them.

Completing this layout has encouraged me finish documenting her entire first year with Project Life instead of a traditional baby book.  


Have you ever taken a photo, thought it was horrible, and moved on?

It happens to me all the time with film. Imperfections. The focus is off, the film is bad, exposure is all wrong, there is a light leak - whatever the reason may be, and I toss it aside, vowing to learn from my "mistake".

And then, while rummaging through my film drawer, I come across a photo again.  But this time, it speaks to me in a way it never did before.  Sure, the technical aspects are all wrong, but the feeling, the emotion at the time the image was captured, is all right. 

I took these photos almost two years ago, I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter.  I didn't take "official" maternity photos.  I remember taking these myself, with film, and not being satisfied with them for one reason or another, and tossing them aside.  I believe my favorite photo from this pregnancy was actually this one taken with my iPhone!

But now, looking back - I see them in an entirely different light.  

The beautiful curve of my body that brought life into this world, untouched and real. I am immediately taken back to that moment.

And oh my, how sweet and raw those first newborn days are.  These images forever capture that emotion for me.

So I didn't share these for one reason or another when they were taken.  But here they are now - untouched and not perfect.

This is why I shoot film.  Because even in their "imperfections", there is beauty.


Our family is growing.

We are expecting our third baby this summer.  This is one of the main reasons I have been absent.

The first trimester of this pregnancy has been, by far, my most challenging.  Now that I am well into my second trimester, I am feeling pretty good (tired, always - but good).  My heart has already grown to love three.

I am looking forward to holding this sweet baby in my arms.