Introducing the Anemone Collection

I'm happy to introduce the Anemone Collection today! This collection includes fine art prints, printable journal cards, and printable traveler's notebook inserts.

Three fine art anemone prints, all carefully printed on bright white, 100% cotton rag paper with archival inks.

A set of 10 printable journal cards  (8 - 3x4 inch journal cards, 2 - 4x6 inch journal cards) perfect for documenting. Included in the set are 2 high resolution PDF files, and 2 high resolution JPG files, all sized at 8.5 x 11 inches for easy printing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I've recently started documenting in a traveler's notebook, and I love the new format! If you document in this format as well, I have also included a set of 10 printable traveler's notebook inserts, sized at 4.33 x 8.25 inches.

I hope you enjoy this collection, it is a work of love combining all the things I love - photography, design, and documenting.

Please do tag me (@azzarijarrett) if you decide to use this collection, I would love to see it!

Sunrise Easter Service on the Beach

One of the advantages of living on the coast is the ability to attend Easter service on the beach.

Azzari Jarrett | Sunrise Easter Service

We decided to attend the sunrise service, a first for my family. And it did not disappoint. The ocean was the most beautiful backdrop for Easter service. 

Azzari Jarrett | Easter Sunrise Service on the Beach

My parents were visiting for the holiday weekend, and it was their very first visit to the beach since we made our move almost 2 years ago. Needless to say, but they loved it.

Azzari Jarrett | Easter Sunrise Service on the Beach
Azzari Jarrett | Easter Sunrise Service on the Beach

The Lord has Risen. He has risen, indeed!

Weekend Thoughts

Azzari Jarrett Photography

Although I love Instagram, I have been so frustrated with using the app these past few weeks. The new algorithm and ads make it a place that I no longer want to spend more than a few minutes on. I feel like it has changed. I'm not sure I like the changes. I want to get back to the times that I can scroll through my feed and be inspired by the people I follow, not just those accounts that I "interact" with.  If I clicked "follow", there is a reason for that. 

What I can control is this space. I know that it is not going anywhere and I can share here without expectation or likes or follows. Everyone is not screaming at me for attention, which is what I feel when I am on instagram.  On my blog, I can simply share my thoughts and creative endeavors, which I definitely want to do more of in this space.

Azzari Jarrett Photography

This past weekend proved to be a relaxing one for me as it is the start of our spring break. I enjoyed some time in my studio, painting and exploring in my sketchbook. 

Azzari Jarrett Photography

I'm exploring with a number of different mediums to see what feels the best for me and my style. I really like watercolor, and gouache has been a recent favorite. Right now, I'm exploring with gouache and ink.  I really like this combination.

Azzari Jarrett Photography

It was overcast, and we passed by a local street fair. My girls aren't particular fans, but I couldn't help but capture a few images.

Azzari Jarrett Photography

And Sunday morning. 

How I love Sunday mornings. As I was reading the Sunday paper and drinking coffee, I saw this easy recipe for a dutch baby.  It was so simple, and I had all of the ingredients at home, so I decided to try it.  I think I'll add more sugar next time, but it was hit in my house!

With three girls and activities, these types of weekends are rare and I treasure them. Here's to more relaxing days ahead.

Exposing Children to Photography Exhibits

Azzari Jarrett | Exposing Children to Photography Exhibits

Please join me over on Viewfinders today as I share some lessons learned when bringing my daughters to our local art museum.

It is so important to expose our children to the arts, to plant those seeds of curiosity. 

More on the Viewfinders blog.

Shop Updates

I've been busy working on my small design shop over on etsy.  Here are some of my recent designs - all available as digital art prints, so you are free to download and print immediately.

Azzari Jarrett | Succulent Printable 
Azzari Jarrett | Ampersand Printable
Azzari Jarrett | Abstract Black and White Printable
Azzari Jarrett | Abstract Watercolor Printable
Azzari Jarrett | Leaf Printable
Azzari Jarrett | Atlanta, Georgia Printables

And I really enjoyed working on a few designs for my hometown - Atlanta. Definitely thinking about making journal cards from these designs!

Atlanta, Georgia Downloadable Print

Atlanta, Georiga Downloadable Print 2

Azzari Jarrett Love Printable Journal Cards

And for my Project Life friends, a set of Love Journal Cards for documenting those special people or moments in our lives.

These (and many other designs) now available in my etsy shop.

2016 Abstract Black and White Printable Calendar

2016 Abstract Black and White Printable Calendar | Azzari Jarrett

It's that time of year again. 

And if you are anything like me, the upcoming new year definitely brings the urge to plan and make a fresh start with a new calendar.

New in the shop is this 2016 Abstract Black & White Printable Calendar - I paired each month with a simple black and white pattern.  If you like minimalist, abstract design - you'll love it!

2016 Abstract Black and White Printable Calendar | Azzari Jarrett

Each month is 5 x 8 inches, including a cover page.

I printed this on heavy, card stock, and love the results.

2016 Abstract Black and White Printable Calendar | Azzari Jarrett

The calendar will be available for you to download immediately after purchase.  Print at home or at your local print shop.

Here's another look at each month.

2016 Abstract Black and White Printable Calendar | Azzari Jarrett

You can purchase your 2016 calendar here.

Free Fall Printable Journal Cards

Free Fall Journal Card Printable - Azzari Jarrett

Today is the first day of the fall equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is one of my favorite times of year.  The weather is just beginning to cool off.  We are reaching for sweaters in the mornings, pulling out blankets in the evenings, and watching as the leaves are beginning to change colors.

To honor this first day of Fall, I designed these (free) black and white journal cards to help document the season.  

A few of my favorites in this set - pumpkins, coffee, and a reminder that with this new season comes a new beginning.

Free Fall Journal Card Printable - Azzari Jarrett

They are 2.95 x 4 inches which will fit perfectly in your pocket pages.

Free Fall Journal Card Printable - Azzari Jarrett

Definitely let me know if you decide to use them, I would love to see!  Here's to another beautiful season.

Download Free Fall Printable Journal Cards.  For personal use only, please.