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Hasselblad 500c | Fuji FP-3000B Film | Azzari Jarrett
Hasselblad 500c | Fuji FP-3000B Film | Azzari Jarrett
Hasselblad 500c | Fuji FP-3000B Film | Azzari Jarrett

A few recent captures around the house with my Hasselblad and Fuji Fp-3000B film.

Here are a few of my current thoughts and inspirations this month.

  • Honored by your response to my previous Photo Life post on Digital vs. Film - I think we all agree that both sets of images are beautiful, but there is something about film that is hard to replicate.
  • Struggling with the fact that some of my favorite film has been discontinued (Fuji Fp-100c and Fuji Fp-3000b).  I am really trying to wrap my head around how selective I will have to be when reaching for one of my film cameras.
  • Loving the new project life instax products. I can't wait to create an entire album full of instax photos.
  • I wrote a guest post last month on Becky Higgins' blog. I shared some of my thoughts on fostering love between your children.  I really poured my heart into that one, I hope you can relate.
  • I am definitely looking forward to summer break and having some uninterrupted time with my girls.
  • So inspired by Leslie's film images.
  • Loving this project life layout by Kari - love her clean, simple style.
  • Kirstin's tips for using a selfie stick for overhead shots is simply genius.

I'd love to know what you have been enjoying this month, please do share.

Viewfinders Guest Post

On the Table | Black and White Photography by Azzari Jarrett

I've been away for a bit longer than I expected. 

There is nothing better to recharge your spirit than to get out of your normal routine, change things up a bit, and disconnect for a while.  Add to that an epic trip to the Pacific Northwest, and I feel like my creative spark has returned.  

I have so much to share with you, beginning with my guest post over at Viewfinders. I'm sharing a few of black and white instant film photos and my thoughts on one of my favorite films being discontinued.  

I hope you join me there. Much more, soon.

Finally, Friday

It's been a long week, and I am really looking forward to this weekend.  

We are headed off on a quick weekend trip that could not have come at a better time. Rain is in the forecast, which I am kind of looking forward to - it makes for a more relaxing trip. On a whim, I decided to create a small travel mini book and tuck it in my bag. We'll see if I can squeeze in some creative time.  

And the above images were taken with my last pack of Fuji FP-3000b black and white film, which has been discontinued. Really going to miss this film - always perfect black and white tones. The last photo is a capture of my peonies, coming back stronger and stronger every year.  Can't wait for those first blooms.

Have a great weekend!


Have you ever taken a photo, thought it was horrible, and moved on?

It happens to me all the time with film. Imperfections. The focus is off, the film is bad, exposure is all wrong, there is a light leak - whatever the reason may be, and I toss it aside, vowing to learn from my "mistake".

And then, while rummaging through my film drawer, I come across a photo again.  But this time, it speaks to me in a way it never did before.  Sure, the technical aspects are all wrong, but the feeling, the emotion at the time the image was captured, is all right. 

I took these photos almost two years ago, I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter.  I didn't take "official" maternity photos.  I remember taking these myself, with film, and not being satisfied with them for one reason or another, and tossing them aside.  I believe my favorite photo from this pregnancy was actually this one taken with my iPhone!

But now, looking back - I see them in an entirely different light.  

The beautiful curve of my body that brought life into this world, untouched and real. I am immediately taken back to that moment.

And oh my, how sweet and raw those first newborn days are.  These images forever capture that emotion for me.

So I didn't share these for one reason or another when they were taken.  But here they are now - untouched and not perfect.

This is why I shoot film.  Because even in their "imperfections", there is beauty.

photo + reflection

© Azzari Jarrett, The Sweet Light © Azzari Jarrett, The Sweet Light

There are times that I think my heart might burst because of the sheer weight of the love I have for them.

There was a time when I could not fathom how I would mother one, let alone three.

But I do.  Along with a tight knit village.

The anniversaries of their births remind me how far I have come.

One day at a time.

And we grow.

And we learn.

And that heavy heart of mine bursts with pride.