Life, Lately

It is so good to be able to share some recent 35mm film. Life has been moving at such a fast pace lately, and we are finally at a point in our summer where things are settling down. The first half of summer was filled with visits from friends and family, traveling and attending summer weddings.

Azzari Jarrett | 35mm Film | July 2019

Now we are easing back in our routine for summer, which means a lot of time at home and exploring new creative ideas.

Azzari Jarrett | 35mm Film | July 2019

I’m trying to figure out where I’d like my business to go - what avenues I’d like to pursue, where I want to spend my time.

Azzari Jarrett | 35mm Film | July 2019
Azzari Jarrett | 35mm Film | July 2019

One thing is for sure - my love for film will never waver. I have so much more to share with you, soon!

Weekend Thoughts

Azzari Jarrett Photography

Although I love Instagram, I have been so frustrated with using the app these past few weeks. The new algorithm and ads make it a place that I no longer want to spend more than a few minutes on. I feel like it has changed. I'm not sure I like the changes. I want to get back to the times that I can scroll through my feed and be inspired by the people I follow, not just those accounts that I "interact" with.  If I clicked "follow", there is a reason for that. 

What I can control is this space. I know that it is not going anywhere and I can share here without expectation or likes or follows. Everyone is not screaming at me for attention, which is what I feel when I am on instagram.  On my blog, I can simply share my thoughts and creative endeavors, which I definitely want to do more of in this space.

Azzari Jarrett Photography

This past weekend proved to be a relaxing one for me as it is the start of our spring break. I enjoyed some time in my studio, painting and exploring in my sketchbook. 

Azzari Jarrett Photography

I'm exploring with a number of different mediums to see what feels the best for me and my style. I really like watercolor, and gouache has been a recent favorite. Right now, I'm exploring with gouache and ink.  I really like this combination.

Azzari Jarrett Photography

It was overcast, and we passed by a local street fair. My girls aren't particular fans, but I couldn't help but capture a few images.

Azzari Jarrett Photography

And Sunday morning. 

How I love Sunday mornings. As I was reading the Sunday paper and drinking coffee, I saw this easy recipe for a dutch baby.  It was so simple, and I had all of the ingredients at home, so I decided to try it.  I think I'll add more sugar next time, but it was hit in my house!

With three girls and activities, these types of weekends are rare and I treasure them. Here's to more relaxing days ahead.

Currently - April

Hasselblad 500c | Fuji FP-3000B Film | Azzari Jarrett
Hasselblad 500c | Fuji FP-3000B Film | Azzari Jarrett
Hasselblad 500c | Fuji FP-3000B Film | Azzari Jarrett

A few recent captures around the house with my Hasselblad and Fuji Fp-3000B film.

Here are a few of my current thoughts and inspirations this month.

  • Honored by your response to my previous Photo Life post on Digital vs. Film - I think we all agree that both sets of images are beautiful, but there is something about film that is hard to replicate.
  • Struggling with the fact that some of my favorite film has been discontinued (Fuji Fp-100c and Fuji Fp-3000b).  I am really trying to wrap my head around how selective I will have to be when reaching for one of my film cameras.
  • Loving the new project life instax products. I can't wait to create an entire album full of instax photos.
  • I wrote a guest post last month on Becky Higgins' blog. I shared some of my thoughts on fostering love between your children.  I really poured my heart into that one, I hope you can relate.
  • I am definitely looking forward to summer break and having some uninterrupted time with my girls.
  • So inspired by Leslie's film images.
  • Loving this project life layout by Kari - love her clean, simple style.
  • Kirstin's tips for using a selfie stick for overhead shots is simply genius.

I'd love to know what you have been enjoying this month, please do share.

Currently - January

Hasselblad 500cm | Fuji Fp 100c | Film Photography | Azzari Jarrett

The morning light this winter has been beautiful.  Capturing it on film has been even better.

Here are a few more things I am currently enjoying this month.

  • Staci Lee Kennelly's The Hours post. I could absolutely live in her film photographs.
  • Kodak's CEO, Jeff Clarke, is on a mission to bring film back and his business card is a strip of 35mm film with his information displayed.  Where can I get one? 
  • Love all of the January Project Life inspiration included on Becky's blog - it's great to be a part of this team.
  • So glad that many of you are enjoying the January Sale going on in my shop!  Use code HELLOJANUARY to enjoy 25% off through the end of the month.
  • I continue to enjoy podcasts, and the Strangers Holiday Special 2015 really struck a cord with me. The stories of Henry and Jane and Lyena Strelkoff were absolutely moving. Stop and go listen now.
  • Running in the cold weather.  Yesterday, I completed my second half marathon along with my husband.  I have been training for months, and it felt so good to cross that finish line!

Please do share in the comments what you are enjoying this month, I would love to know.

Recent Film Captures

Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

Early morning - shadows and light, always a favorite.

Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

This fiddle leaf fig is our newest houseplant, but I'm afraid it is not getting enough light in this corner.

Light Leak, Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

Light leak.  I opened the camera back prematurely when rewinding the film.....

Firewood, Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

My husband is gathering enough firewood to last us for the upcoming season.  We'll go through this and a bit more.

Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

Kitchen scenes.

Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

My exposure was all wrong here, converted this to black and white after scanning.


I've been thinking about a photography project for November.  One photo a day with a few words, just to capture a daily gratitude - similar to habit where I had the pleasure of contributing last year.  And of course, I'm already thinking of ways to document. 

Currently - July

Currently, July | Azzari Jarrett

Soaking up this last month of summer before my girls head off to school.

Catching up on project life, and it feels good! I love documenting our days, but most importantly, getting those photos printed.

Enjoying all of the tomatoes we are getting this summer from the garden.

Inspired by the film photography of Chinwe Edeani.

Realizing that the humidity this summer is too much for me, and moving my morning run indoors (via the treadmill).

Finding that I prefer Pinterest on my iPhone rather than my desktop.  I'm overloaded with so many photos displayed on desktop versus three or four at a time on my iPhone.

Planning a shop update for next week, be sure to sign up for my newsletter for a special discount for subscribers.