A Few Thoughts on the Polaroid One Step 2

Azzari Jarrett | Polaroid One Step 2 Camera

Every time I post a polaroid from my Polaroid One Step 2 camera on Instagram, I'm always asked what I think about the camera. It seems like a lot of people are on the fence, and I completely understand because film is not cheap!

Here are a few of my thoughts. 

If you'd like to get into instant film photography, this camera is a great place to start. It's extremely easy to use, and has a simple, one button operation.  Pressing that red button is all you need capture your image. It's a little bulky to pack with you for the day, I usually have to carry a larger bag with me, but it is extremely light, so it's not a huge burden on your shoulders.

You can increase or decrease your exposure using the yellow switch on the front of the camera, or keep it in the middle to let the camera automatically control the exposure.

Azzari Jarrett | Polaroid One Step 2

A key feature is the ability to turn off the flash. I prefer to shoot with natural light, so I always suppress the flash. I feel like I get a more natural image this way. You can simply hold down the flash suppression button while pressing the shutter to turn off the flash.

Azzari Jarrett | Polaroid One Step 2
Azzari Jarrett | Polaroid One Step 2

My absolute favorite feature of this camera is the self timer. This key feature is worth the price to me.You have 8 seconds to jump into your photo - I love the ability to get into my own photos.  I used the self timer for the photo above.

Azzari Jarrett | Polaroid One Step 2

One thing I don't like about the Polaroid One Step 2 is the battery. You have to charge this little guy using the provided USB cable. There have been many times when I have grabbed the camera on my way out of the door, only to find that the battery is dead and I can't take any photos. Such a disappointment!

Azzari Jarrett | Polaroid One Step 2

The Polaroid One Step 2 uses special i-type film, which I find to be a little inconsistent. It's roughly about $2 per photograph, which adds up after a while. But I still love having a tangible photo in my hand moments after I press the shutter.

Overall, I love the Polaroid One Step 2 and I am excited that it has revived a love of instant film. My favorite feature is the ability to take selfies with this camera.  While I don't love the fact that I have to charge the battery, I will definitely continue to use this little guy for years to come.

January on Film

With all of the recent changes in my life, I have been making an effort to carve out time for personal projects on film.  

Capturing small moments never fails to bring me joy.  

A few recent captures ~

This orchid is thriving on our bathroom windowsill - loving the humidity and light.

Shadows and light in my home studio.

Afternoon bubble baths, just because.

Peaceful walks to and from school.

Azzari Jarrett - Polaroid

A house is not a home without plants.  These are loving the morning light.

All captured on Impossible Color Instant Film, which I am finding is bit temperamental when developing, but still beautiful, nonetheless.

Impossible Color Instant Film

It's been three years since I have tried Impossible Film, and I didn't have much luck.  I decided to give it another try.

I recently purchased another pack of Impossible Instant Color Film to use with my Polaroid 660 camera, and I definitely see the improvements.  At $23 for 8 exposures, that's almost $3 per shot.  You better believe I took my time with each exposure, and I'm loving the results.  This film photography habit of mine is definitely not cheap. 

Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett
Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett

We've been having a lot of rain in Atlanta, so the above images where take on a cloudy day - something that I would not have attempted with original Polaroid 600 film.  I'm finding that high contrast images work best with Impossible film.

Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett
Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett

Direct sunlight streaming in through my kitchen window - love the shadows and light.

Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett
Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett

These last two images where taken on overcast days, indoors - so not a lot of natural light available.  I definitely would not have done this Polaroid 600 film, but I was amazed at the results.   Loving the mood captured here.  

And because I am trying to get a bit more comfortable filming my process (more on that soon), I recorded this quick flip through of these polaroid images.