mornings around here

© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett A typical late spring morning around here.

I love waking up early with sunlight there to greet me (yay for longer days!), breakfast with my little ones, trying unsuccessfully to make my bed while little feet are jumping, enjoying a moment outside, and morning naps.

I initially set out to capture the entire day in one roll.   But life happens, and I had to put my camera down and concentrate on my girls.   Thankful for normal days and enjoying every minute of right now.

quiet mornings

© Azzari Jarrett © Azzari Jarrett

© Azzari Jarrett

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took a quick trip to New Orleans.  We make this trip quite often.  New Orleans holds such a special place in our hearts.  This is where we met, dated, and married almost eleven years ago.

It was the quiet stillness of the our mornings that I loved the most - breakfast in bed, coffee while we watched the sun come up, and slowly easing into the day.

More images coming soon.

my days are full

My days have been so full.  Not nearly enough time.

End of the school year parties, dinners with friends, impromptu gatherings, finally being able to put the finishing touches on my office, trying to work on my portfolio, the list goes on...

And changes are most definitely coming.  It will be good for us.

But it's nice to come home, sit down, and share a meal.

It feels good to be loved.

sometimes life happens

Sometimes life happens, and I am away from this space far too long.

And I start to feel a little like something is missing.

And then on a random morning, the light is shining through my kitchen window just so.

Girls are screaming and chasing one another, the table is set, coffee is brewed, breakfast is eaten, and dishes are cleared.

And I quietly document it all, and I begin to feel whole once again.

coffee with my mom

A recent morning spent with my mom.

For as long as I can remember, my mother has started her day with with a cup of coffee.  As a little girl, I remember the aroma filling the house every morning.  Of course, I didn't have an appreciation for it back then.

And I'd like to think there was a reason for that.  So that now, I can truly appreciate our conversations over a hot cup of coffee.  Conversations I don't think I was ready to have back then.