summer flowers

Enjoying the beauty of these summer months - so much color!

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Greece, and I have so much to share. Still dealing with a bit of jet lag, which I definitely under-estimated. I'm waiting patiently for film to be developed and I will share more from our travels soon.


the apple tree

I recently found a stack of polaroids that I took over a year ago now, with beloved Polaroid 600 film.  Of course, I am completely out of polaroid film now!

This apple tree is in my aunt and uncle's garden in London.  I was surprised that such a small tree had so many apples.  They have such a small, beautiful space behind their home.  This polaroid brings me right back to that evening.

Speaking of polaroids, I only have two 2011 calendars left in stock featuring a few of my polaroid images from Italy.  I've discounted the price, and you can find them in my little print shop.

Happy Monday to you!

winter wonderland

There is something about winter that renews the soul.  That makes us step back in of nature and her beauty.  I could have stayed here for hours just staring at the snow - but cold hands and two little ones where screaming for me to return inside.

I hope this brings some joy to your Monday!