Floral Printable Journal Cards

Azzari Jarrett | Floral Printable Journal Cards

New set of Floral Printable Journal Cards in the shop today. 

For these designs, I used my favorite mediums - watercolor, ink, and gouache.

Azzari Jarrett | Floral Printable Journal Cards

Each painting inspired by Archer and Olive's 5 day painting party on Instagram last week.

Take a peek at the originals of each design in my sketchbook.

Azzari Jarrett | Watercolor Leaves

Monday: Leaves

Azzari Jarrett | Ink and Watercolor Botanical - Begin

Tuesday: Word

Azzari Jarrett | Rainbow Watercolor Florals

Wednesday: Rainbow

Azzari Jarrett | Gouache Butterfly

Thursday: Large shape made of smaller shapes

Azzari Jarrett | Gouache Floral

Friday: Florals

Enjoy the  journal card set!

Sketchbook Explorations: Cactus Watercolor

Azzari Jarrett | Cactus Watercolor

Ever since my trip to Arizona, I've been a little obsessed with cacti and succulents. Experimenting with watercolor to include all the deep greens and blues of these plants - there are so many ways to paint them! Thinking of turning this one into a pattern.

I find keeping a sketchbook, or art journal, so deeply satisfying. I've tried painting on individual pages, and I keep coming back to my sketchbook. I love the fact that I can see progress in my work, and I enjoy flipping through the pages and seeing a collection of my interests all in one place.

Sketchbook Explorations: Watercolor + Charcoal

Azzari Jarrett | Sketchbook Explorations

In my effort to share more in more in my own space (and reclaim my time from social media), I wanted to share my sketchbook explorations. I find that carving out a little time each day to create makes me such a better person.

I've really been enjoying watercolors lately.  I have been exploring the concept of combining loose watercolor and other mediums. Today, I used a charcoal pencil to add detail to my piece. 

And as always, I find that I don't like a piece immediately when I am finished. That's ok. Not everything that I create, I will like.... But I find that once I walk away and come back to it, I do find something that is appealing.

Simply the act of picking up my paintbrush is so gratifying to me, it is worth it, regardless of outcome.  Looking forward to sharing more.

a little creativity everyday

I try to create a little something everyday.  Capturing a moment with my camera, dabbling with a new font, working on a project life spread - it doesn't matter how big or small.

During my girls' nap time, I can usually squeeze in a few uninterrupted minutes.  And last week, I grabbed some acrylic paint, tuned to the Adele station on Pandora, and got to work.

I love a blank slate.

This is a 6x6 canvas, already primed - but I still love to start with a layer of gesso.  I love the feeling of starting fresh and new.

I pick a few a colors that I am drawn to.  I find that if I have too many, I become overwhelmed.

And then I just let my imagination take over.  No right or wrong, nothing fancy.  Just me - playing and experimenting and trying different things.  An instant stress relief, always.

I grabbed another canvas - still playing with more colors.

And a little playing with pattern making.

And that's all it takes.

Twenty minutes later, with three small canvases in same color family, I am one happy mama.