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Atlanta, Georgia | Impossible Color Film | Polaroid | Azzari Jarrett

Atlanta, Georgia from the Jackson Street BridgeImpossible Color Polaroid Film

We are settling nicely into our Fall schedule around here.  Grabbing extra blankets at night, and enjoying an extra cup of coffee in the morning.  

Here are a few things that I am currently enjoying:

Venturing out with my camera more and more.  Sometimes I get so content taking photos around my home that I forget there is so much photo goodness around me.  Case in point - the photo above of the Atlanta Skyline.

Loving this layout by Kari - film + documenting will always have my heart. 

Inspired by Andrea and Joyce's collaboration, Atlanta + Amsterdam - two cities through the lenses of two polaroid SX-70 cameras over twelve weeks. This is one of my favorites so far.

Just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic and I can't say enough good things about this book.  I don't remember the last time I wrote in the margins of a book - taking notes and underlining.  I love the way Elizabeth has broken down creativity and inspiration.  My thoughts on this definitely deserve a separate post.  One of the (many) lines that I love - "Whatever it is that you are pursuing, whatever it is you are seeking, whatever it is you are creating, be careful not to quit too soon." Go, read this book now.

Blown away by Jade and Cory's black and white instant film captures of London

Admiring Cindy's custom traveler's notebooks - and thinking I might want to try this out soon.

Working on a Fall update newsletter. You can sign up here.

What you are enjoying this Fall?

Impossible Color Instant Film

It's been three years since I have tried Impossible Film, and I didn't have much luck.  I decided to give it another try.

I recently purchased another pack of Impossible Instant Color Film to use with my Polaroid 660 camera, and I definitely see the improvements.  At $23 for 8 exposures, that's almost $3 per shot.  You better believe I took my time with each exposure, and I'm loving the results.  This film photography habit of mine is definitely not cheap. 

Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett
Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett

We've been having a lot of rain in Atlanta, so the above images where take on a cloudy day - something that I would not have attempted with original Polaroid 600 film.  I'm finding that high contrast images work best with Impossible film.

Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett
Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett

Direct sunlight streaming in through my kitchen window - love the shadows and light.

Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett
Impossible Color Instant Film | Azzari Jarrett

These last two images where taken on overcast days, indoors - so not a lot of natural light available.  I definitely would not have done this Polaroid 600 film, but I was amazed at the results.   Loving the mood captured here.  

And because I am trying to get a bit more comfortable filming my process (more on that soon), I recorded this quick flip through of these polaroid images.

Greece | Expired Polaroid 600 Film

Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett

Sharing more of my film images from Greece today.

As you can tell, my Polaroid 600 film was definitely expired!  I had a bit more luck with my polaroids from earlier this year

I completely lost a pack (no pictures developed on the film), but I was able to salvage a few.  When shooting with film, this is always to be expected.  You never quite know what you will get!   

The above image is the Erechtheion, an ancient Greek temple on the north side of the Acropolis.  

Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett
Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett

Views of the Parthenon - with a few tourists captured as well!

Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett

A view of Athens from the Acropolis.

Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett

Arriving on the beautiful Greek Island of Crete.

Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett
Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett
Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett
Greece on Expired Polaroid 600 Film | Azzari Jarrett

I love how these turned out.  I'm embracing the imperfections and really looking deeper into the saturated, muted colors.  Capturing the Acropolis on polaroid 600 film was really important to me.  I love how 'aged' each captured moment looks - even though these were taken on bright, sunny days in Athens and Crete. 

You can see more images from Greece here.

And more images with polaroid 600 film.


Have you ever taken a photo, thought it was horrible, and moved on?

It happens to me all the time with film. Imperfections. The focus is off, the film is bad, exposure is all wrong, there is a light leak - whatever the reason may be, and I toss it aside, vowing to learn from my "mistake".

And then, while rummaging through my film drawer, I come across a photo again.  But this time, it speaks to me in a way it never did before.  Sure, the technical aspects are all wrong, but the feeling, the emotion at the time the image was captured, is all right. 

I took these photos almost two years ago, I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter.  I didn't take "official" maternity photos.  I remember taking these myself, with film, and not being satisfied with them for one reason or another, and tossing them aside.  I believe my favorite photo from this pregnancy was actually this one taken with my iPhone!

But now, looking back - I see them in an entirely different light.  

The beautiful curve of my body that brought life into this world, untouched and real. I am immediately taken back to that moment.

And oh my, how sweet and raw those first newborn days are.  These images forever capture that emotion for me.

So I didn't share these for one reason or another when they were taken.  But here they are now - untouched and not perfect.

This is why I shoot film.  Because even in their "imperfections", there is beauty.

the bahamas, on expired polaroid 600 film

We were lucky enough to visit the Bahamas over the past few days.  The weather was perfect - upper 70s and the nights were cool and crisp.  My girls really enjoyed trading in their boots for swimsuits and flip flops.  We spent our days between the pool and beach, and I could not have asked for a more relaxing trip.

I kept it simple this time and only brought one film camera. Here are my captures on expired polaroid 600 film.  And yes, I have been hoarding this film for years.  I have three packs left, and no doubt I'll keep them for another adventure.

spring break

We packed up the girls and headed to beautiful Fajardo, Puerto Rico this year for spring break.  We needed this break as a family.

I booked this trip over a month ago, and it was worth every bit of preparation.  Believe me, traveling this far with two little ones is quite a feat.  The weather was beautiful - clear blue skies and temps in the 80's.  A welcome break from the springtime pollen in Atlanta.

These are my little souvenirs from the trip.