Behind the Scenes - O•HEN•E Artisan Bath Soap

Behind the Scenes - Product Photography

I recently completed my very first product photography shoot with O•HEN•E Artisan Bath Soap. First off, tipping my hat to all product photographers out there! This was no easy feat.

Ohene artisan bath soaps are vegan, handcrafted, and made completely of organic oils and butters. I wanted this to come through each photo - the thickness and quality of the soap as well as the attention to detail of the brand. My family and I have been using Ohene soap for the past year, and we love and stand by each product.

I used two set ups - one in my bathroom with a marble background with a white poster board to reflect the light and my wood desk with a black poster board background (unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of that setup). I mounted my Fuji X-Ti and 23mm f 1.4 lens on my tripod with a horizontal camera mount, grabbed a few props, and got to work. I typically use this setup for my documenting layouts as well.

Below are a few of my favorite images.

You can see the entire gallery here.

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