Viewfinders - Returning to Normal

Azzari Jarrett | Blur on Purpose

I captured this image in September 2018.

My family and I had just evacuated our home in preparation of Hurricane Florence. So many thoughts and feelings associated with this image. Will our community withstand the direct hit? Would we have even a home to return to?

I’m sharing more thoughts on this experience, Returning to Normal, over on Viewfinders today.

shadows and light

© Azzari Jarrett © Azzari Jarrett

© Azzari Jarrett

© Azzari Jarrett

It's no secret that I love fresh flowers in my home.

But when I grab my camera to document them, I find myself drawn to a certain time of day.  I am searching for the sweet spot when I can capture the shadows and light.

Usually in the early morning, sometimes in the evening.  Not quite light, not quite dark.  But each time, there is a stillness that has taken over the house.

And that is what I strive to capture.