Spring Photo Swap


Spring is here, my friends ~

The Winter Photo Swap was enjoyed by many, and I have received a number of requests to host a Spring Photo Swap.  With the beautiful colors of this season, I know that this swap will truly be beautiful!  Would you like to give and receive a beautiful image of Spring?

The process remains the same; however, the theme is spring.  You can interpret in any way you like.  Please remember, you don’t have to be a professional photographer.  You simply have to love photography.

Even if Spring hasn't quite arrived where you are, your image can be one that you’ve already taken, or a photo you will take inspired by the theme – your choice.  You will be paired with a swap partner, and you will exchange  a 4×6 image of spring.  You are welcome to join, wherever in the world you live!

Sound like fun? Would you like to participate?

Once again, here is how it will work:

  1. Sign up for the Spring Photo Swap using this form.  The deadline is Friday, April 1.  Don’t forget to denote if you are willing to ship internationally, as shipping costs may be a bit more than domestic shipping.
  2. Spread the word – the more participants we have, the better!
  3. On or shortly after April 1, you will receive an e-mail with your swap partner.  *Please note that your mailing address will only be shared with your swap partner.
  4. Interpret the theme “spring” as you wish – your spring garden, your spring table, the many blooms of the season! Please only share an image that you would like to receive.  Have your image printed in 4×6 size.  Securely package and postmark your photo by Friday, April 15.
  5. By the end of April, you should have received your photo from your swap partner from any part of the world!
  6. If you'd like to share, I will create a page where you will be able to upload your image from your partner.

Sign up and let me know if you have any questions.

I'd like to thank Gayle and Lucent who have agreed to help out with this swap!

Happy Spring ♥


Update: Thanks to all who have signed up!  Registration is now closed.