I'm honored to be featured on Life:Captured's new series about story tellers and memory keepers and how they are preserving their personal stories.

Read the interview to find out why I love film and memory keeping (and how I bring the two together).

Many thanks to Ronnie for bringing my words + images together so beautifully.

new year, new space, new beginnings


A new year, a clean slate, a new space, and the beginning of new adventures.

Welcome to my new blog home.  After months of deciding what direction I wanted to go with my photography and my work, trying to decide on a catchy name, etc.  I simply decided to consolidate and simplify.  My life, my work, my direction, my meaning. One space for my portfolio and blog. The new year felt like the right time to start fresh and new.  But most importantly, to just start.   

I will continue to share bits and pieces and of my life here - film photography, digital photography, design work, and my most recent love, memory keeping (more on that soon).

I have imported all of my posts from the sweet light, so you can still view my work in this new space.  There was just too much goodness to leave behind there.  And as such with moving a blog, there will be some growing pains.  There are definitely a few formatting issues and links that need to be updated, and I am working on that.  

Please be sure to update your RSS feeds.  

And as always, thank you for being here.  I'm looking forward to the new possibilities of this year and sharing my work along the way.  

shop update: mini prints!

Mini Prints by Azzari Jarrett -

Today I'm excited to share that I have updated my shop with 3 sets of mini-prints!  These are a collection of my favorite Instagram images and capture the simple, everyday moments in my life.

Each image measures 4 x 4 inches (10.16 x 10.16 cm) and is printed on 100% cotton, heavy matte fine art paper with archival inks.

They are perfect for your inspiration board, tucked in your journal, or taped on your wall.

Mini Prints by Azzari Jarrett -
Mini Prints by Azzari Jarrett -
Mini Prints by Azzari Jarrett -
Mini Prints by Azzari Jarrett -
Mini Prints by Azzari Jarrett -
Mini Prints by Azzari Jarrett -

Mini Print Set 3

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Art prints coming soon to the shop.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates and discount codes.

Finally, if you are interested, I have only one remaining copy of On The Table, a collection of film images taken on my kitchen table.  I'm not sure when, or if, I will have any more printed.

a new direction

If you were joining me for tea, I'd have a great deal to share with you.  I'd offer you one of my favorite mugs, because if you are here, you are definitely a close friend.  I'd want to be as open and honest as possible, because my heart is open to share.  Here goes....

Photography is my love, my passion, my craft.  It is how I express myself creatively.  I started my old blog almost two years ago, and sharing my photography was simply my  goal.  I grew as a photographer a great deal in that space - I found my style of photography, and connected with so many readers.

With the birth of my second daughter and a family move to Pennsylvania , my life has definitely changed, as I knew it would.  My photography has changed as well.  At my core, I want to get back to photographing my everyday, my simple moments, my life.  I don't want to take myself so seriously!  Over there, I felt that every post had to be polished, perfect.  That's a lot of pressure!

And then, my worst fear became reality.   Blogging had become a chore because of my self imposed perfectionism!  One that I began to dread, and that's not what I wanted.  My photography blog was not supposed to be a place that I avoided, but a place that I would want to grow and share my vulnerabilities as well as my strengths, essentially - my journey of photography.  That's when it hit me, and I realized that it was time to let it go.  To move on and start fresh, start new.  To be true to me and my love of photography.

And there you have it - The Sweet Light, named for my constant search of sweet, natural light with my camera - was born.  My new phase, my new diggs, my space not to take myself so seriously, but to grow and stretch my wings as a photographer.

Thanks so much for following me to this new space (and for sharing tea with a listening ear).  You'll  find me here from now on.  I hope that you make yourself at home, as I have.  I plan to make this space more collaborative, more inviting, and a wonderful place to share.

I'm excited - I love the feeling of having a fresh, blank canvas.  A new space and look, and a new direction are ahead - thanks for joining me!