a change of plans

We've had these plans for months - the Florida Panhandle, Santa Rosa Beach, a summer rental, Labor Day.  My oldest looking forward to the beach, my baby's first time at the beach.

Tropical Storm Lee had other plans.  It rained all weekend.  But there were a few pockets of beauty.  A few quiet moments that we had on the beach.  This is the first time these little feet have touched sand, my friends.  Too bad we didn't make it to the water!

But our timing could not have better, actually.  We stayed indoors most of the weekend - Listening to the rain beating on the tin roof of our rental, the pitter and patter of little feet running through the house, talking and laughing and eating.  Enjoying one another's presence.  Exactly what we needed.  It's felt good to go with the flow for a change.