spring break

We packed up the girls and headed to beautiful Fajardo, Puerto Rico this year for spring break.  We needed this break as a family.

I booked this trip over a month ago, and it was worth every bit of preparation.  Believe me, traveling this far with two little ones is quite a feat.  The weather was beautiful - clear blue skies and temps in the 80's.  A welcome break from the springtime pollen in Atlanta.

These are my little souvenirs from the trip.

summer's winding down

Summer is winding down.

It's the same signs every year - my oldest daughter is back in school, the days are a bit shorter, and I love the coolness of the mornings and late evening.

And I finally got around to developing + scanning the rest of my images from our beach vacation.  I could definitely use a couple more days on the beach.

I'm taking some time away in the next few weeks - posting will be light as I work on some photography projects that I have had in mind, and enjoy the last days of summer.

mornings on the beach

I slipped out of our hotel room a little early one morning to spend a little time on the beach alone, and I took the Polaroid Land Camera with me.

The blues this film captures is amazing.  And as Dottie's photos confirm, peel apart film does not like sand (see the 1st photo as evidence).

So calm. So comforting.  And as I do on almost every vacation, I often convince myself that we should simply move.  Right here on the beach.


a girls weekend

Film. Kodak Portra 400.

Each year, I get together with my girlfriends from college.  Usually, we gather in someone's home and stay up really late, laugh really loud, and way eat too much food.  This year we decided to be adventurous - we booked tickets to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Yes, in the middle of winter.  And yes, totally worth it.

So much planning for a quick trip.  But oh my, we had so much fun.  And it was just what this mama needed - a few days away to renew my spirit.  Should I mention that I packed more cameras than clothes?

And how I love these girls who have been through so many stages of life with me....

A few more images to come.

a quiet beach house

Film. Kodak Ektar 100.

I received my film back from the photo lab of our weekend in Santa Rosa Beach.  Even though we missed the bright sun and warm weather, there is a solemn comfort I find in these images - the grey clouds, the darkness, the wrinkled sheets.

I have a few more images from the beach and our rental that I'll share with you this week.