a good weekend

First off, thanks for such a warm response to my book + calendar.  It's quite humbling to see my work in print and be able to ship to so many wonderful places.  Thank you, truly.

A few images from my weekend, a quiet one at that.  A fall colored bouquet, coffee and the morning paper, signs of my nephews' visit, and "the day after" candles - memories of a good meal at the table.

A few links to share:

+ Loved this letter.

+ Dottie's black and white images of Paris.

+ Inspired by this beautiful studio.


apple picking

I visited an apple orchard for the very first time this past weekend.

One of my girls did not want to walk.  The other did not want to carry her apples.  So this mama carried a toddler, a basket of apples, and heavy dslr around an orchard all morning.  Exhausting!  I'm amazed that I was even able to capture these shots.

Any tasty apple recipes?  Suggestions welcome.


*Please excuse the blog over the next couple of days.  I'm updating - cleaning things up a bit.....


I'm not that good at handling change.

It takes me a while.  I like to hold on to what I know, what is familiar, what feels right.  But the only thing that is constant, guaranteed even - is change. But I adapt, I bend, I make it work.  I have to - there are two little girls  that depend on me!  And they make it worth it.