in my bag


In all honesty, it's "what's in your diaper bag" since that's what I am carrying these days!  I thought it would be fitting to do one of these posts since I enjoyed looking at what people tote around (i.e. Alice, Hannah, Brian, Elisabelle and countless others).  As an added bonus, I found out yesterday that I won an *emera bag by entering a giveaway on Kim's blog.  So I will soon transfer all of these goods to my first official camera bag!

+ I carry everything in a Skip-Hop Duo diaper bag.  I like it, but the flap gets in my way most of the time.  It holds everything though, with a little spare room.

+ My Pentax film camera and spare film.  I should mention that I either carry this camera or my DSLR since they are both pretty hefty.  These days, it's mostly the Pentax.

+ The only Canon I own - a SD1300 IS point and shoot, a gift from my mom.  I use this for quick captures of my girls during the day.

+ Baby  goods - change of clothes, diapers, wipes, toys.

+ My wallet, iphone, and chap stick.

And there you have it ~

I'd love to see what you carry!