morning coffee

As much as I love drinking tea and coffee, I love the process of brewing just as much.  To me, it's as equally satisfying as the warm drink itself.

And the Chemex fits in so well.  The best coffee I've had - in fact, I prefer it to the French Press since I don't have to deal with the leftover grinds.  The only catch is that I have to drink my coffee as soon as I brew, it doesn't keep the coffee warm for long.

Heating the water in a kettle, selecting my favorite cup, writing down my thoughts -- I savor these moments....

i can almost feel spring

Every morning lately, I have woken up to the sounds of birds right outside my window - chirping away happily.

The days are a bit longer now.  Extra morning light, and the evening's magic hour is absolutely gorgeous.

Spending more time with my girls outside, winter jackets have been abandoned for lightweight hoodies.

I dare say it, but I can almost feel spring - and I can't wait.