our new space

To say that I am enjoying my new home is an understatement.  I am loving my home.  It simply feels right.  This is the place that we should be.  We are still settling in.  I still have boxes to unpack.  But I wanted to share a few things that I am loving about our new space.

Extras left over from the previous owners of our home - I love this vintage memo board.

A vegetable garden!  I look forward to heading outside for fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, and rosemary.  Thinking about what else I can grow (suggestions welcome!).

Finding my tea pot in the sea of boxes.  I'm back to my morning rituals.

Laundry, laundry, and more laundry.  Not that bad with all of the light this room gets.

A freshly baked cake from a kind neighbor to welcome us to the neighborhood.

A freshly baked cake from a kind neighbor that is good!

Coffee.  Loving the french press.

Setting up the girls' room - finding linens, dressing beds, letting the sun light stream in.

And perhaps my favorite part of our new home - the playhouse.  It needs a bit more cleaning, but my girls are loving it already.

I'm still getting used to the light in this space.  The best times to photograph, the angles, etc.  All in due time....