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© A. Jarrett© A. Jarrett© A. Jarrett© A. Jarrett© A. Jarrett© A. Jarrett© A. Jarrett© A. Jarrett I am adjusting to being a mother of three.  I am stretched in so many directions - I am still trying to find my balance.

And for me, that means spending time with each of my girls.  They each need special time.  I need that time with them.

I have been a mother for 7 years now (and I'm sure many of you have more experience at this!), and I finally realized that the most important thing for me are the values that I want my girls to exhibit as adults.  That sisterhood is a gift, not everyone gets to experience it.  I want to build their character and instill inner peace so that they know that they are beautiful, smart, and confident.  That they should take time to hold the door open for someone behind them, pray and give thanks, bring a meal to a family in need.  And I realize that that this has everything to do with my behavior - my thoughts and actions, my tone of voice, the example that I set forth.

It has little to do with the details that I find so many young mothers agonize over - bottle or breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering or disposable, sleep training or not, daycare or nanny, when to potty train - I could go on and on.  These are simply details, phases, which will eventually pass. Yet I find that so many mothers agonizing over these things.

This perspective has helped get through my days.  That I shouldn't concentrate on little things or small battles (which can be many with little ones).


Our family is growing.

We are expecting our third baby this summer.  This is one of the main reasons I have been absent.

The first trimester of this pregnancy has been, by far, my most challenging.  Now that I am well into my second trimester, I am feeling pretty good (tired, always - but good).  My heart has already grown to love three.

I am looking forward to holding this sweet baby in my arms.

almost spring

It's almost Spring - and I don't think I've ever taken a break for this long!  And it was needed, my friends.  Sometimes it feels to good to take a step back, disconnect from the internet and really be present in the lives of those who mean the most to me.

I'll ease back in slowly, please bear with me - as I have much to share.  And going forward, you'll probably see more images, less words.

Also, Birgitte Brøndsted a fellow photographer in Florence, Italy -  is hosting a giveaway for a copy of On the Table, on her blog.  Head over and leave a comment for a chance to win!

a story of their own

As you probably imagine, there is a story that goes along with each of these images.

But what I love about film is the ability to for each of these images to stand on their own.  To tell a story of their own.  About the time and place, what was going on, and what I was feeling when I clicked the shutter.  I strive to capture that essence every time I pick up my camera.

And in case you are wondering - that's my grandfather in the framed picture in the last photo.  I'm finally setting up my office/studio space and getting to surround myself with the things that I love (a tour coming soon).

cameras here and there

If you walk into my home at any given moment, you will find cameras on almost every surface.  On the table, on a shelf, on a desk.... just as long as it is out of reach of little hands.

And there's a reason to this madness.   At any given moment - I'll grab what's closest to me.  To document what I see, right there, at that time.  And when I'm heading out the door, I'll grab the closest camera that is loaded with film and carefully set it in my bag.  It's heavy, yes - and cumbersome, yes - but I almost feel as if I'm lost if I don't have at least one with me.  You'd be amazed at how film cameras are quite the conversation starters.

This weekend, the hasselblad with the polaroid back with my camera of choice.  More to share soon....

weekend in black and white

Captures from my weekend - I love when my husband comes home with wine and fresh flowers.  He cooked a wonderful dinner on Friday.  It's funny how we have reached the point where we prefer to stay in and enjoy a meal in our home.

Did I mention I'm loving this black and white film?  I'm learning the quirks of peel apart film, the results capture a little bit of "realness" for me.


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