easing into summer

© Azzari Jarrett © Azzari Jarrett - The Sweet Light

© Azzari Jarrett

Easing into summer around here.

Waking up early to have a few quiet moments before my girls wake.

Staying up a bit later since there is more daylight.

Evenings at the pool are becoming regular.

Replacing down comforters in exchange for lighter quilts on all the beds.

Enjoying a roll of film I forgot to develop and seeing these beauties once again.

adventures in watercoloring

Adventures in Watercoloring - Azzari Jarrett A couple weeks ago, my mom introduced me to watercoloring.  It was a quick lesson, but I was hooked.  I think it's the "abstractness" of watercoloring - how things don't have to be exact.  You never quite know how the paint will dry or when colors will bleed into one another.

Since I've been home, I grabbed some watercolors of my own (I have this inexpensive set) and this weekend I finally had some time to explore.  And yes, I totally used one of my daughter's baby food jars to clean my brushes.

Adventures in Watercoloring - Azzari JarrettAdventures in Watercoloring - Azzari JarrettAdventures in Watercoloring - Azzari JarrettAdventures in Watercoloring - Azzari Jarrett

And as my mom explained, there are no mistakes in watercoloring.  Simply add more water.  Love that.

I also wanted to make a few abstract backgrounds for digital designs.  And here is what I came up with.

Adventures in Watercoloring - Azzari Jarrett

Adventures in Watercoloring - Azzari JarrettAdventures in Watercoloring - Azzari JarrettAdventures in Watercoloring - Azzari Jarrett

After drying, I scanned each design and opened them in Photoshop.  Love how the colors popped.

Adventures in Watercoloring

Adventures in Watercoloring

Adventures in Watercoloring

Of course, I have so much more to learn.  And that is part of what makes this so exciting for me.  Learning something new.

I am thinking about so many possibilities and things that I would like to try, including adding one of my favorite quotes to those watercolor backgrounds.

More, soon.

mornings around here

© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett A typical late spring morning around here.

I love waking up early with sunlight there to greet me (yay for longer days!), breakfast with my little ones, trying unsuccessfully to make my bed while little feet are jumping, enjoying a moment outside, and morning naps.

I initially set out to capture the entire day in one roll.   But life happens, and I had to put my camera down and concentrate on my girls.   Thankful for normal days and enjoying every minute of right now.

behind the scenes: instant film photography

A quick, "behind the scenes" look at my process of shooting with my Hasselblad 500c with a polaroid back, and fuji fp 100c film.

This is a completely new venture for me - my first video.   But I thought the quickest, easiest way to demonstrate my process would be to film it.  And I have to admit that I really enjoyed filming this.  Maybe it is my constant need to learn something new?

So often I post the finished product here, but I thought I'd try to give you a glimpse into what it is like to shoot with a medium format camera and instant film - having an actual, tangible picture in your hand minutes after you press the shutter.   And of course, now I have so many more ideas about videos -  like how to attach the polaroid back to the Hasselblad, how to load the film, etc.  Questions I had as I was beginning with film. This totally has me thinking about getting a tripod for future videos.....

A few credits:

Filmed with: Nikon D600

Music: Adventure, Darling by Gillicuddy

I created the entire film in iMovie on my Mac.  Pretty simple and straightforward.

Side note: I just love the sound of the Hassie's shutter.  There's nothing quite like it.

And finally, images that I have taken with the Hasselblad here.


Our family is growing.

We are expecting our third baby this summer.  This is one of the main reasons I have been absent.

The first trimester of this pregnancy has been, by far, my most challenging.  Now that I am well into my second trimester, I am feeling pretty good (tired, always - but good).  My heart has already grown to love three.

I am looking forward to holding this sweet baby in my arms.

summer's winding down

Summer is winding down.

It's the same signs every year - my oldest daughter is back in school, the days are a bit shorter, and I love the coolness of the mornings and late evening.

And I finally got around to developing + scanning the rest of my images from our beach vacation.  I could definitely use a couple more days on the beach.

I'm taking some time away in the next few weeks - posting will be light as I work on some photography projects that I have had in mind, and enjoy the last days of summer.