on the table, volume 2

So happy to announce that these hasselblad captures are a part of a new series of film images that I captured for my newest photography project - On The Table, Volume 2.  Those who have been with me for a while are familiar with On The Table, a collection of images that were all taken on my kitchen table, entirely on film.  You can see pages from that original self published book on this post

Volume 2 will continue with that theme.  I truly believe that film images are best enjoyed together, in print format.  

If you are interested in following my weekly progress, I will be sending out updates once a week via my newsletter.  Newsletter subscribers will get a sneak peek at my progress as well as be the first to know when the book is published. 

You can sign up here.

So excited to jump into this photography project!  

what i know to be true

Quotes, links, thoughts, and other tidbits that I have found to be true this week:

  • I don't think there will ever be enough time in the day to do/create/make/photograph all of the ideas in my head.
  • I stumbled upon unsplash and was amazed at the quality of work being offered for free. 10 news images every day.
  • I'm really enjoying Rachel's daily habit, where she is documenting every day of her thirtieth year. Simple, everyday moments will always capture my heart.
  • So I ordered #GIRLBOSS, and I am enjoying it so much.  Love Sophia's advice: Don't ever grow up, Don't become a bore, Don't ever let the Man get to you. Okay? Cool.  Let's do this.  Seriously, go check out this book.
  • I'm continuously inspired by the work of Cory and Jade of Endlessly Enraptured.

Have a great weekend.

staying quiet better preserves the miracle

© Azzari Jarrett Photography

"Becoming a parent is difficult to talk and write about, not because the words are hard to find (though they are), but because when you find them, they feel too intimate to share. The smells and sounds and stirrings of the heart are individual and holy. There’s a sense in which the universal experience is yours alone when the opposite is actually true. You hesitate to say anything at all, as if staying quiet better preserves the miracle."

Nikaela Marie Peters, in New Lease on Life