from the first roll....

More captures from this day, all taken at my mother's home - hence, the paint brushes!  The grain is courtesy of ISO 800 film, which should have been ISO 400 based on my lighting, but I like the results nonetheless.

I'm learning how to create different effects in my work.  Blue tones, clear vivid colors, grain - it's amazing the different moods in film photography that I can create simply by my choice of film.

Today I'm picking up some I dropped off film at the lab and I have no clue what's on it.  I love that.

I have a few links that I enjoyed this week that I would like to share with you ~

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+ Elisabelle's beautiful portraits.

+ This photo from Dottie.

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+ 5 questions for Chrystine


Thanks so much for your kind comments on the "what's in my bag" post!  As you can see, I can't take may shots without one (or both) girls nearby.

Happy weekend to you!