supporting small coffee shops

© A. Jarrett

On my last visit back home to Louisiana, I learned that one of my favorite local coffee shops, America's Coffee House, had to close their doors. 

© A. Jarrett

I was pretty shocked.  I loved the place.  So much character and charm, not to mention - good coffee.

© A. Jarrett

I had many great conversations with the owner, Floyd - was a fellow photographer.  He had his work displayed on canvas on the walls - so beautiful.  We could probably talk shop for hours.

© A. Jarrett

So glad that I captured these images.  I will miss this space.  

I am now motivated more than ever to support my local coffee shops.  Quite often, they are community centers, and places to gather and network. More than that, they are a direct result of someone's dream, hard work and dedication.  And I will always support that vision.

Here are pictures from a previous visit.

Jefferson Island

This past weekend, I flew home to Louisiana for a quick trip.  I love any time that I get to spend in home state.  

I have heard of Rip Van Winkle Gardens on Jefferson Island for a while, but this was my first time getting a chance to visit.

Unfortunately, I arrived 10 minutes before they closed (at 5pm).  There was a kind lady at the front desk who let me through for those 10 minutes, even though I could tell she was ready to get home.

I knew it would be beautiful - but at the first site, I held my breathe.  The golden hour.  The perfect time to visit.

I snapped these images with my iPhone, no filter needed.  Next time, I'll be sure to go earlier so that I can take my time and really capture this island with a proper camera!

Louisiana, you sure are beautiful.


© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett I think I heard the term "Coffice" for the very first time on instagram.  Someone had used it as a hashtag, and I immediately thought that it was a clever combination of words!  A coffee shop that one makes into an office. Yes.

I did just that on a recent trip to Louisiana.  I always make it a point to visit America's Coffee House.  It was good to chat with Floyd, the owner, and catch up on some work.  All of those canvas images on the walls?  His.  Yep, he's a photographer as well.

I immediately felt at home while there.

All images are iphone snaps.

new orleans in black and white

© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari Jarrett© Azzari JarrettLeftover beads from Mardi Gras were around every corner in New Orleans.  But it is the contrast and architecture of the city that stood out for me the most, and this black and white film captures that essence. A few links:

  • I'm a guest over at habit this month, contributing photos + words.  I am immensely enjoying capturing bits of my daily life to share.  I am in good company.
  • I've created a tumblr blog where I am posting some of my film work.  I don't expect any changes here, I just love sharing on that platform as well.

late fall harvest

I've been sick.  And it was not fun.  Needless to say, I will be get my flu shot from now on.

The above images were taken in Father's garden in Louisiana over the Thanksgiving holiday.  His kumquat and lemon trees never disappoint.  And as you can probably see, I'm learning to love Portra 160.

And finally, On the Table is back in stock and ready to ship.  I had no idea so many people would be interested - thank you!

the last of my louisiana images

These are the last of my captures from Louisiana, all taken with my polaroid land camera.  I hope you have enjoyed these images!

I have been feeling a bit off creative wise.  But I am slowly finding my way back.  I know this is true for everyone who creates, regardless of your medium.  Setting my camera to side for a bit has definitely renewed my spirit.