being present

There are never enough hours in my day.

There are so many thing I'd like to do, try, and create.  And it's pretty hard to look at all of the inspiration online and think that everyone else has it together - more time, energy, and means to do everything I would like to do.

It's a challenge to prevent myself from feeling the need to constantly update this blog, my instagram feed, flickr, etc.  Like not doing so somehow means that I am not making progress towards my goals.

And then, I read an Rebecca Parker Payne's "Undocumented Hours" in Kinfolk, Volume 4.  And her words spoke to me,

The past few years have levied a strange burden of proof upon our backs, a burden to account for our hours and days, to prove to all who care to watch from the screens of their phones and computers that we are doing something worthy with our lives.  In the meantime, we have forgotten how to be content in being present.

How guilty I am of not being fully present.  Of feeling that I must jump into a race of constantly producing more material to prove to my productivity.  When one is not directly linked to another.  It's about quality, not quantity.

So I'm giving myself permission to do what I can, when I can, with what I have now.  And be happy.