what i know to be true

Quotes, links, thoughts, and other tidbits that I have found to be true this week:

  • I don't think there will ever be enough time in the day to do/create/make/photograph all of the ideas in my head.
  • I stumbled upon unsplash and was amazed at the quality of work being offered for free. 10 news images every day.
  • I'm really enjoying Rachel's daily habit, where she is documenting every day of her thirtieth year. Simple, everyday moments will always capture my heart.
  • So I ordered #GIRLBOSS, and I am enjoying it so much.  Love Sophia's advice: Don't ever grow up, Don't become a bore, Don't ever let the Man get to you. Okay? Cool.  Let's do this.  Seriously, go check out this book.
  • I'm continuously inspired by the work of Cory and Jade of Endlessly Enraptured.

Have a great weekend.

being present

There are never enough hours in my day.

There are so many thing I'd like to do, try, and create.  And it's pretty hard to look at all of the inspiration online and think that everyone else has it together - more time, energy, and means to do everything I would like to do.

It's a challenge to prevent myself from feeling the need to constantly update this blog, my instagram feed, flickr, etc.  Like not doing so somehow means that I am not making progress towards my goals.

And then, I read an Rebecca Parker Payne's "Undocumented Hours" in Kinfolk, Volume 4.  And her words spoke to me,

The past few years have levied a strange burden of proof upon our backs, a burden to account for our hours and days, to prove to all who care to watch from the screens of their phones and computers that we are doing something worthy with our lives.  In the meantime, we have forgotten how to be content in being present.

How guilty I am of not being fully present.  Of feeling that I must jump into a race of constantly producing more material to prove to my productivity.  When one is not directly linked to another.  It's about quality, not quantity.

So I'm giving myself permission to do what I can, when I can, with what I have now.  And be happy.

my days are full

My days have been so full.  Not nearly enough time.

End of the school year parties, dinners with friends, impromptu gatherings, finally being able to put the finishing touches on my office, trying to work on my portfolio, the list goes on...

And changes are most definitely coming.  It will be good for us.

But it's nice to come home, sit down, and share a meal.

It feels good to be loved.

sometimes life happens

Sometimes life happens, and I am away from this space far too long.

And I start to feel a little like something is missing.

And then on a random morning, the light is shining through my kitchen window just so.

Girls are screaming and chasing one another, the table is set, coffee is brewed, breakfast is eaten, and dishes are cleared.

And I quietly document it all, and I begin to feel whole once again.

their home

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with close friends.  Friends that I've known for over a decade.  We've truly grown up together - through college, numerous moves around the country, marriage, kids - it's amazing how our friendship has evolved through it all.

And as you can see, their home is bathed with beautiful light.  The kind of light that warms conversation and casts beautiful shadows into the early evening hours.

Their home is a place where you immediately feel at ease.  I'm sure you know the feeling - it radiates from these images.  Shoes come off at the door as warm smiles and hugs greet you.  And as you sink down on the sofa, your feet automatically tuck right underneath you - because there is a familiarity that comes with knowing you are welcome.  You are truly at home.

And this last image below was taken by my good friend, Trey - his very first shot with the hassie.  It was actually my first time letting someone else hold her, let alone take a photo!  I enjoyed showing him how to look through the viewfinder, focus, press the shutter, and pull out the film.  He guarded it closely as it developed, and carefully peeled apart the film to reveal the image he had just taken.  Simply having a physical photo in your hand, mere seconds after you take it, is priceless.  I think he just might love the hassie just as much as I do.  It's quite addicting.

cameras here and there

If you walk into my home at any given moment, you will find cameras on almost every surface.  On the table, on a shelf, on a desk.... just as long as it is out of reach of little hands.

And there's a reason to this madness.   At any given moment - I'll grab what's closest to me.  To document what I see, right there, at that time.  And when I'm heading out the door, I'll grab the closest camera that is loaded with film and carefully set it in my bag.  It's heavy, yes - and cumbersome, yes - but I almost feel as if I'm lost if I don't have at least one with me.  You'd be amazed at how film cameras are quite the conversation starters.

This weekend, the hasselblad with the polaroid back with my camera of choice.  More to share soon....