what's in my camera bag, part 2

Azzari Jarrett - Digital Cameras Today I'm finishing up my round up of cameras with my (small) digital collection.  You can read more about my film cameras here - what's in my camera bag, part 1.

The majority of digital images that appear on this blog were taken with my Nikon D90.  As much as I loved that camera, I gave it to my mom.  Hopefully she will start using it soon!

1. Nikon D600 - I have had this camera for a year now, and I really love the full frame.  I use this camera to capture my girls, take portraits, and client work.  I also love being able to capture full HD video.  My Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens usually lives on the d600.   I am definitely a Nikon girl - I love the way the camera feels in my hands and I find the LCD screen is extremely user friendly.

2. iPhone 5s - You know how they say that the best camera is the one you have with you?  Well this is it for me.  I use my iPhone daily, as in every.single.day.  I have 64 GB for this reason.  All of my instagram photos are taken with my iPhone and I can't say enough about how this digital medium follows me everyday!

3. Fujifilm x100S - the x100s is my newest digital camera.  When I'm shooting with this camera, everyone always assumes it is film, love that.  Ronnie wrote a really good review of this camera, which encouraged me to purchase it.  So glad that I did.  It's slim, compact, and most of the time, I can take pictures in public without ever getting noticed.  I used this camera for all of my submissions for habit during the month of April.

Ant there you have it, what's in my camera bag!  I'd love to see what's in yours.  For fun, here's what I carried in my (diaper) bag 3 years ago (not sure what happened to that Canon!)

I'm glad to answer any questions in the comments below.