adventures in watercoloring, part 2

© Azzari Jarrett - The Sweet Light

I've been dabbling a little more with watercoloring, and I'm hooked.  I'm realizing that the possibilities are endless.  Since I first shared my adventures in watercoloring, I've picked up this inexpensive set of watercolors.  There is a bit more mixing with water involved, but it makes for different saturations of color - love that.

© Azzari Jarrett - The Sweet Light

This time around, I wanted to explore digitally with flowers so I painted a few abstract pieces - stems, leaves, and buds.

© Azzari Jarrett - The Sweet Light

I dabbled a bit with triangles, but was not sure where I was going with that one!

After scanning my drawings and cleaning them up in Photoshop, I  chose my favorite elements to work with.  I settled on these below.

Azzari Jarrett - Watercolor

And here is where the possibilities are endless.  Using Illustrator, I converted the elements to vectors so that I could resize them and not loose any quality.  With just a few designs, I was able to come up with a couple of different floral arrangements.

Azzari Jarrett, Adventures in Watercoloring

I continue to love learning this new medium.  I enjoy creating something tangible and then being able to alter it digitally.  Of course, so many more ideas swirling in my head....

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