Combining my love of film and documenting

One thing that I would like to work on more this year is combining my love of film and documenting/scrapbooking.  I've asked myself time and time again - what exactly does that look like?  How can I combine these two interests?  I've really struggled with that, but I am making a serious effort this year to push my boundaries and see where it takes me.

I have subscribed to Ali Edward's story kits. Her theme for December was "firsts". And yes, I am a bit behind! Exploring firsts and telling the story of firsts in our lives. I chose to document the first thing I do most mornings - my first coffee.

I captured my morning cup last week with my Hasselblad and Fuji FP 100C film. I then scanned the image, cropped it, and enlarged it in Photoshop. Printing it out on a full page really made the image pop. I knew it would be the pair perfectly with my words - my first coffee of the morning. 

One of the guests for last month was Cathy Zielske and I was drawn to one of her simple, clean designs that she shared. I used the same template for my own documenting of my first cup and I used Ali's kit for (very simple) embellishments. 

What I love the most is how I was able to combine film and documenting in one project.  More of this to come!