Happy that it's March! Come on Spring. 

Loving this post by Lisa Congdon  - On Getting Older.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by my girls' spring schedules.  It seems like every afternoon is filled with activities.  

Inspired by this post by Vanessa which included Ira Glass on the Creative Process - a reminder to do the work.

Trying not to feel overwhelmed by all the creative ideas swirling in my head.

Cried when I listened to this Story Corps podcast, When Sean Speaks. As a mother, the moment when your child realizes that your love is unconditional is priceless.

Making time for a little photography and documenting everyday.

Signing up for Lindsay's new Skillshare class - Creative Self Portraits, Going Beyond the Selfie.

Preparing for my next race.  I went on a long run with my husband yesterday. So thankful for his support.

Excited about my new film photography project - On the Table, volume 2. You can follow along with my progress via my newsletter.