Currently - April

I find it amazing that it's already the last week in April.  Here's what I have been enjoying this month:

Devoured the burger above, complete with sweet potato fries.

Inspired by this interview with Laura Pritchett.

Love how Nicole used the Paislee Press trading card templates for documenting a day in the life.  

You are so much more than your portfolio  - a good reminder from Molly Jacques.

Tried this method with my daughters for a simple way not to interrupt and it totally worked.

Feeling everything Brandi is expressing in this post - it's all part of the creative process. Make more.  

Subscribed to the Skimm and I'm loving the simple breakdown of news into conversational topics such as "What to say at a family dinner".

Shipping On The Table, Volume 2 and so excited to finally see these film images in print.