2017 Project Life Plans + Title Page

It's been quite a while since my last post!

My family and I have picked up and moved to the North Carolina coast - much, much more on this in a later post!  Needless to say, my documenting took a back seat to pretty much everything else in my life - selling our home, finding a new home, and getting my girls settled in a new environment.  

Even though I am not finished with my 2016 album, I have decided to start fresh and new and catch up as time permits.  No stress, no guilt, am I right?

This year, I am going back to documenting with a 12x12 album. I will be using two of the Sweet Edition Albums and mostly Design A pocket pages, with a few others mixed in as well.  I really loved documenting with my 9x12 album last year, and it provided me with the creative change I needed.  But I found that I missed the familiarity of of my 12x12 layouts.  Plus, I have so much in my stash right now, it feels good to use what I have.

For my title page this year, I included a few of my favorite pictures of my girls and one that my husband captured of us running on the beach.  I designed the "2017" 3x4 cards myself, something that I'd like to do more of this year.  And the "New Year, New Chances" card is from LifeLovePaper included in Studio Calico's Roman Holiday Documenter Kit.

And just for fun, here are my past title pages:

2015 Project Life Title Page 

It feels good to be back sharing again in this space, more soon.