Travels | Paris, France

Azzari Jarrett | Paris Photography

To celebrate my 40th birthday this year, my husband and I spent a week in Paris, France. It was a first for both of us, and we truly enjoyed exploring and simply taking in all of sights and sounds of this beautiful city.

Here are my favorites from our week.

Azzari Jarrett | Paris
Azzari Jarrett | Notre Dame Paris
Azzari Jarrett | Paris Carousel
Azzari Jarrett | Paris
Azzari Jarrett | Arc de Triomphe Paris
Azzari Jarrett | Paris
Azzari Jarrett | Paris, France
Azzari Jarrett | Paris Locks
Azzari Jarrett | Flowers in Paris
Azzari Jarrett | Eiffel Tower

Visiting in the middle of January meant that the weather was cold, but the lines where few. We were able to walk up to most museums and sites with no trouble at all.

Azzari Jarrett | Paris Metro
Azzari Jarrett | Paris Flowers
Azzari Jarrett | Claude Monet Water Lilies

Claude Monet’s Water Lilies were absolutely beautiful to see in person. I made sure to get a close up since I would love to use this in a layout.

Azzari Jarrett | Paris Apartment

We stayed in a small, cozy apartment in the Latin Quarter that was perfect for us. There were huge windows that allowed the light to stream in every morning. I looked forward to returning each evening.

Azzari Jarrett | Paris Apartment
Azzari Jarrett | Paris Ranunculus

I feel like I only captured a fraction of the beauty of Paris, but these images definitely convey the restful and enjoyable week we had. We didn’t try to pack too much into each day, choosing instead to make one excursion everyday and preparing most of our meals at home. Exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday!

I am definitely looking forward to my return.