3 Reasons to Shoot Film

It's no secret that I love film photography.  I don't use film cameras exclusively, but I do find when when I want to express myself with my most authentic voice - film is always the medium to do so.

I love the grain, the mood, and most importantly, the authenticity of film.  If you are looking for a way to shake things up a bit with your photography - I would definitely suggest trying film photography.

Here are 3 reasons why I think you might like to shoot with film:

1. Film brings more intention to your photography.

When I first fell in love with photography, I loved the fact that my DSLR allowed me to slow down and actually see the world through my lens. Somewhere along the way, I started taking the instant gratification (and unlimited space) for granted, shooting way more than I needed. I took a ridiculous amount of photos. Why?  Because I knew I could. I have a large memory card, so why not?  Later, when sorting through hundreds of photos on my computer, I immediately regret that.  So. Many. Photos.  

With film, you are forced to slow down - focus, pay attention to your camera settings and carefully compose your image.  Mostly due to the fact that your film is limited, you have a certain amount of captures you can take.  You will want to get the image right the first time. And it's totally ok if you don't - I embrace those images that are not 'technically' correct.  

One of the greatest lessons I have learned through film photography is that everything does not have to be rushed, instant, or immediate. Life is meant to be savored and enjoyed, and the entire process of film photography embodies that fact. With film, I am so much more intentional with the moments that I capture. 

2. There is a unique quality to film images that is hard to replicate.

I sometimes felt that my digital images had to be perfect and precisely focused.  To get around that, I would spend a lot of time in Photoshop and Lightroom trying to make my images look like film.  Why not just shoot with film?

Embrace the grain and light leaks, the inconsistency and the mistakes.  There is freedom in not worrying, nor striving, for perfection. Simply capturing a photograph to forever preserve that moment in your memory, just as you see it.

3. Bringing a film camera out in public almost always guarantees an interesting conversation.

I capture a lot of images inside my home, documenting simple moments of our lives. However, I know that the minute I bring one of my film cameras out in public, it will most definitely lead to an interesting conversation.

I dare you to bring a polaroid camera to the beach and not attract attention! The sound alone will peak someone's curiosity. I have met so many people interested in my cameras - Where did you find this camera? Can I still find film for it?

What I love the most are the memories that random strangers will share with me about their first film camera - usually from a parent or grandparent and how it is still in their attic or packed away. I always encourage them to go find it, dust it off, and use it.

And here some recent instagram snaps of some of my film photos.

Hopefully, I have sparked your interest enough to try film! I will be starting a series soon on exactly how to get started with film photography.

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