Excited about a few new creative ventures I am working on.  I will share more soon.

Listening to the ever growing vocabulary of my one year old.  It amazes me how many words she learns from her older sisters.

Enjoying a little creativity everyday. Picking up my camera, watercolors, and documenting as of late.

Addicted to podcasts. Waiting on season 2 of Serial, but in the meantime I am enjoying Criminal, Strangers, Startup, StoryCorps, The Lively Show, and Elise Gets Crafty.  Any others I should be listening to? 

Eating steel cut oats with sliced almonds and bananas. Always.

Finding that I am pinning more and more these days.

Preparing for my first 10K in a couple of weeks. Nothing beats the jolt of accomplishment first thing in the morning from a good run.  

Wanting to share a heartfelt thanks for following my work in this new space. I'm loving it so far.