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As most of you know, creativity ebbs and flows. There is a time for creating, a time for reflecting, a time for quiet and reflection, and there's also finding time to actually share what you have created. 

Azzari Jarrett | Open Story Theme

I completed this layout almost a year ago. Took these photos of my layout almost a year ago. And it is only now that I am getting around to actually sharing it. Sometimes I have put work aside for a while and come back to it. And I'm totally fine with that.

Azzari Jarrett | Open Story Theme

That being said, I love working on story theme layouts using Ali Edwards's story kits. This story kit really spoke to me.

Azzari Jarrett | Open Story Theme

This time last year, I was still getting used to my new city and my new home. I wanted to document the ways that I could open up. And for me, that meant opening up to a slower pace of life, new people and experiences, making time for what's important, and opening up honestly to my girls.

I used peach card stock to match with the wall in my photo, and printed the word "Open" at the top.  Everything else is from Ali's "Up"kit.  I tried to link the kit, but unfortunately I think it's too old now!

Azzari Jarrett | Open Story Theme

I am using a We R Memory Keepers 8.5x11 Classic Leather Album to hold all of my story layouts.  I slipped the completed layout in a  8x5 x 11 inch page protector.

If you are interested, you can check out my other story theme layouts: BuildGoLittle ThingsClickMagicFirstsGatherAM/PM, and Numbers.

Recent Film Captures

Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

Early morning - shadows and light, always a favorite.

Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

This fiddle leaf fig is our newest houseplant, but I'm afraid it is not getting enough light in this corner.

Light Leak, Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

Light leak.  I opened the camera back prematurely when rewinding the film.....

Firewood, Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

My husband is gathering enough firewood to last us for the upcoming season.  We'll go through this and a bit more.

Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

Kitchen scenes.

Pentax K1000 | Azzari Jarrett

My exposure was all wrong here, converted this to black and white after scanning.


I've been thinking about a photography project for November.  One photo a day with a few words, just to capture a daily gratitude - similar to habit where I had the pleasure of contributing last year.  And of course, I'm already thinking of ways to document. 

Art on the Atlanta Beltline

Art on the Atlanta Beltline | Azzari Jarrett
Art on the Atlanta Beltline | Azzari Jarrett
Art on the Atlanta Beltline | Azzari Jarrett

One of the tough things about shooting with film is that it is not easy to hand your camera off to someone so that you can actually *appear* in a photo.   

It's kind of a complicated process when they realize that they are holding a film camera!

But last week, when I had lunch with my sister, we passed this beautifully painted wall, part of Art on the Atlanta Beltline, I knew I wanted my portrait taken in front of it.  She was apprehensive at first, but after a few quick pointers, she nailed it with the images above.

I definitely feel more comfortable behind the camera, but I treasure the rare occasions when I am in actually in front of it.


I also wanted to mention that I am once again participating in Ali Edwards' Week In The Life this year.  I am mostly using my digital SLR for this project, mainly because I plan on using the self timer so much this week.  

Although I won't be posting daily recaps here, I will be sharing some of my completed album.  You can follow along with me on Instagram.


Have you ever taken a photo, thought it was horrible, and moved on?

It happens to me all the time with film. Imperfections. The focus is off, the film is bad, exposure is all wrong, there is a light leak - whatever the reason may be, and I toss it aside, vowing to learn from my "mistake".

And then, while rummaging through my film drawer, I come across a photo again.  But this time, it speaks to me in a way it never did before.  Sure, the technical aspects are all wrong, but the feeling, the emotion at the time the image was captured, is all right. 

I took these photos almost two years ago, I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter.  I didn't take "official" maternity photos.  I remember taking these myself, with film, and not being satisfied with them for one reason or another, and tossing them aside.  I believe my favorite photo from this pregnancy was actually this one taken with my iPhone!

But now, looking back - I see them in an entirely different light.  

The beautiful curve of my body that brought life into this world, untouched and real. I am immediately taken back to that moment.

And oh my, how sweet and raw those first newborn days are.  These images forever capture that emotion for me.

So I didn't share these for one reason or another when they were taken.  But here they are now - untouched and not perfect.

This is why I shoot film.  Because even in their "imperfections", there is beauty.

minimalist photo templates

I loved with working with Liz's new minimalist photo templates.  They are clean and simple, which allow my photographs to truly stand out.  Letting the photos tell the story is always key for me when documenting. 

In this layout, I used the minimalist (3x4 photo templates).  I added my photographs and simple journaling. A Design U page protector was perfect for this size.

And here's how it looks in my album.  

For journal cards, I was inspired by Jamaica's fifty-fifty post and created my own cards from digital papers using the 24/7 and quintessentials no. 4.  'Happiness' title card is from the eternal sunshine journal card set.

I continue to enjoy this creative outlet!


You can find out more about Project Life, a fun and simple way of documenting, here.

February Project Life Layout

It's no secret I am drawn to simple designs and layouts when it comes to documenting.  Today, I wanted to share one of my February layouts for Project Life using Paislee Press pictures + words no. 18.

I began by printing the templates on vellum paper with my Epson printer at home. After a bit of experimenting, I realized that my printer best prints on vellum with the default settings selected.  I also grabbed some simple kraft paper that I had on hand.

I cut the word phrases out and adhered them to a 4x6 patterned card and kraft paper with my tiny attacher.

Love how the vellum paper makes the words stand out.

Next, I paired my photos with the journal cards.

And here's how it looks in my album.  

Simple, clean, but most importantly - done.

Products used: Paislee press pictures + words no.18, vellum paper, kraft paper, Epson 4x6 premium semi-gloss paper, Design C Page Protector.

You can find out more about Project Life, a fun and simple way of documenting, here.


Excited about a few new creative ventures I am working on.  I will share more soon.

Listening to the ever growing vocabulary of my one year old.  It amazes me how many words she learns from her older sisters.

Enjoying a little creativity everyday. Picking up my camera, watercolors, and documenting as of late.

Addicted to podcasts. Waiting on season 2 of Serial, but in the meantime I am enjoying Criminal, Strangers, Startup, StoryCorps, The Lively Show, and Elise Gets Crafty.  Any others I should be listening to? 

Eating steel cut oats with sliced almonds and bananas. Always.

Finding that I am pinning more and more these days.

Preparing for my first 10K in a couple of weeks. Nothing beats the jolt of accomplishment first thing in the morning from a good run.  

Wanting to share a heartfelt thanks for following my work in this new space. I'm loving it so far.

lost film photos - labor day weekend

One aspect of film that I love is when I forget about a roll.  And I inevitably find it months later, and I have no idea what was captured.

In this case, it was a roll of 35mm Kodak Portra 400 film.  I love the anticipation of waiting for my images.

And when I received them, I realized that the pictures were from this past summer.  Our family trip during Labor Day Weekend in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  It was just what I needed see in the middle of winter.  Can't wait for warmer days ahead.