morning and evening memories

A new month and a new layout with Ali Edwards's story kit and theme - am/pm

I decided to document my morning and evening childhood memories.  Mostly because I capture so much of my current morning and evening routines with my girls, I thought that this would be a good chance for me to write about some of my own routines growing up. 

I remember that my mom worked nights and would not get home until after I left for school. This meant that mornings were reserved for me and my dad.  I have such fond memories of him getting me ready for school and combing my hair in the morning. 

I scanned some of my early childhood pictures (film!) and converted them to black and white in Photoshop. I printed them on 8.5 x 11 epson photo paper along with my story.  I also added a few of the chipboard stickers from the kit - really love those.


My mom was home by the time I returned home from school.  I vividly remember our afternoon/evening routines and how very sacred my time with her was.  

I love this picture of us. Currently, I am about the same age as she was in this photo.  I really wish that I could go back in time and have a chat with her as a young mom.  To hear her struggles and triumphs, and compare notes on young motherhood (now that I am in the middle of it).

Once again, I scanned this image and converted it to black and white.  I added "am/pm" to this spread, another chipboard sticker, and "The Story" sticker for a pop of color.

And here is how it looks in my album:

Once again, I am using a We R Memory Keepers 8.5 x 11 Classic Leather Album to hold all of my story layouts.  

Love, love, love that I have these memories documented.  

Here are my past story layouts for gather and first.