Project Life - February Layouts

Switching to 9 x 12 inch layouts has really been working well for me.  I don't think I'm saving much on space, as the length of my binder is still a full 12 inches.  The game changer for me is that I think differently about how I organize my layouts.  And I realize that 9 x 12 inch full size photos look just as good and have the same impact as a 12x12 inch full size photo!

Here are two spreads from February.

February 2016 Project Life Layouts | Azzari Jarrett

Once again, I am not buying any new page protectors this year.  In these layouts, I am using Design A from my stash and the fuse tool to adjust the page protectors to 9 x 12 inches.  A few people have asked me on Instagram if I have had any trouble with the fuse tool.  I've found that you have to let the fuse tool get nice and hot by waiting about 10-15 minutes before you use it. Any sooner and you might not get a clean edge.

In February, I bought a sketch book and devoted the entire week to doodling and exploring more with watercolors and other mixed media.  Lisa Congdon's sketchbook classes were so very inspiring.  It was definitely good to explore and be creative with my hands.  I used journal cards from the Wander Core Kit to document this layout - with a full size capture of my paintbrushes on the right.

February 2016 Project Life Layouts | Azzari Jarrett

I was inspired by all of the pink blooms popping up for this week's spread! Light pink and green journal cards from the Everyday Edition Core Kit where perfect for this layout. And once again, loving full size photos at 9 x 12 inches.

A few more February layouts here, if you are interested.

Looking forward to documenting March!