Photo Life 04: How to Make A Film Journal

How to Make A Film Journal | Azzari Jarrett

Here's my truth: After I snap a instant film photo, wait for it to develop, and scan it, it usually goes in a drawer in my studio. Not good.

One of my goals for this year is to actually get those photos documented.  Here's a quick and easy way to tell stories with your photos -  by creating a simple journal.

You will need:

I chose a kraft journal so that I could emboss the cover with a few stamps.  

How to Make A Film Journal | Azzari Jarrett

After you have selected your photos, use the Scotch roller to apply adhesive to the back of each photo.  

How to Make A Film Journal | Azzari Jarrett
How to Make A Film Journal | Azzari Jarrett

After all of your photos are secured, go back and simply add journaling under each photo.

How to Make A Film Journal | Azzari Jarrett
How to Make A Film Journal | Azzari Jarrett

Easy, simple, and most importantly - done.  

Click through these images to see my a few more images from my film journal:

As always, please let me know if there is topic or question you would addressed in this series! Feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email.

Details Mini Book - Part II

In March, I shared the first part of my Details Mini Book from Tina's Mini Book Class.  And although this book will never quite be "done" - I wanted to share a little more of my progress. 

I still have not altered the cover - I think that I like the simplicity of it.

I also wanted to point out just how thick this little book is - filled to the brim with little artifacts from my life these past few months.


This mini is the perfect place to include the room key from one of our favorite hotels in Atlanta. And yes, we totally book hotel getaways in our home city!

Stencils + watercolor all throughout the book.

I also included some of my favorite instagram captures.

Watercolor + image transfers on packaging tape.


I'll admit - it was hard to punch holes in one of my favorite polaroids, but I really love that it is included and out of my film drawer.

A little pen image transfer on a kraft tag.


A mini instax over watercolor.


And based on one of the prompts on from the class, I included a secret in this kraft envelope.

I have so much love this little (fat) book!  I plan to continue to add journaing and other bits and pieces throughout the year as I complete more prompts.

Amelia Island - Travel Mini Book

Last month, my husband and I made a quick trip to Amelia Island, Florida.  I recently posted a few of my film captures from that trip.

I decided to bring along a few supplies to make a travel mini-book to document our trip.  I gave myself a few rules, though.  Whatever I was able to accomplish on the trip, I would consider "complete".  I didn't want to worry about finishing the mini book when I returned home.  Also, to keep it simple, I would only use photos from my instax mini.

I cut a black cardboard box (slightly larger than 4x6in) in order to make the front and back covers.  I also used black one inch rings to hold the book together.  I used my silhouette to print 'amelia island' on printable silver foil which I adhered vertically to the cover.

I used products from my stash and things that I found on my trip to fill the pages.


Love that I have these memories captured from our trip!

Products that I used: Clearly Kelly Yes Please stamps, March Messy Box, Hello Spring Cut FilesBloom Papers, Clearly Kelly Happy Place stamps, Wood Tags, Kraft Tags, white self adhesive dots.


Details Mini Book - Part I

I enrolled in Tina's Details Mini Book Class this month.  We are creating a mini book based on a list of prompts to document details about our everyday life.

I can't begin to express the love I have for this little book so far.  It's the very first mini book I have created, and it is filled with things about me.  Which is different from my Project Life spreads where I document the story of my family.  I find that this is the perfect way to incorporate what is going on in my life right now.  I've purchased the class kit, but I am also incorporating a lot of film and supplies from my stash.

I've completed the basic pages of my mini book, and wanted to share my progress so far.  It's full of image transfers, watercolor, and film!  The above image is my first page, including my a favorite instax and page I tore out from the recent Anthropologie house and home catalog that I loved.  

Working through journaling and the list of prompts is up next.

I haven't put my own creative stamp on the cover yet.  Thinking I'll wait until I know exactly what I want to do. 

On the left is a watercolor pattern I worked on, cut into 4x6 size and included in the book.  Also, one of the things I love most about the class are the image transfer techniques that Tina walks us through.  On this tag - I included image transfers of butterflies.

Including film with my documenting is extremely important to me.  Film captures are sprinkled all throughout my mini book.

Packaging tape image transfer on the left.  Using up my stash on the right!

Loving these watercolor circles and the blending of colors.

Loving how the image transfers make ordinary photos look like abstract works of art.

A polaroid from this trip.

 A little obsessed with painting spoons with watercolor.  No rhyme or reason....

For this, I used watercolor and one of my daughter's butterfly stencils.

Following one of Tina's prompts from the class, I printed out my hand on vellum paper and added journaling to a watercolor pattern card I had directly behind it.  Love how this turned out.

A little acrylic pattern painting with a natural sponge.

And a postcard I included from one of my favorite brunch restaurants.

I'm working through the list of prompts next, and adding journaling to this little book, which is quickly becoming thick!  I'll be sure to share more of my progress soon.