Film. Kodak Portra 400.

I took these captures a while ago, and these peonies have opened up even more.  Their sweet scent has graced my home for the past couple of days and there's nothing quite like their beauty.   They remind of myself - very closed and hard at the beginning, but when I open up - my heart and soul just seem to pour out.


There are a few things that are out of my control right now, but weigh very heavily on my heart.  Through it all, I am reminding myself what is important and to enjoy the simple, everyday joys of my life.

I wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend~

my weekend



In keeping with my theme of simplicity for this year, these are a few captures from my weekend.  Very relaxed as you can see!   I even enjoyed a little breakfast in bed.   It's safe to say that I have given up on trying to keep socks on my baby girl's feet.  Apparently, they are too tempting and must be taken off at all costs!

And the white outside the window?  Yes, that would be snow, my friends.   To say that I am ready for spring is an understatement.  I'm ready to venture out with my camera and capture all of the springtime goodness.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well~