hi, there

Film. Kodak Ektar 100

Hi, there.  I hope you are well.

It's amazing how much I have missed this little space!  But I have enjoyed my little break immensely.  So much to share with you, my friends.  And I will - slowly, but surely.

Summer is here.  A few ways I can tell ~

+ My baby girl only wants to wear her diaper - nothing else.

+ My 4 year old is almost 5.

+ Evenings are spent at the pool.

+ Lemonade is in heavy rotation.

+ Only white, cotton sheets are on all the beds.

More images, soon!


climb right back in

Film. Kodak Ektar 100

A couple more shots from this past weekend, makes me want to climb right back in bed this second!

A few things ~

+ Loving Irene's artful images of Spring in NYC.

+ Inspired by this portfolio.

+ I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets funny looks from others while shooting in public.  Thanks so much for your candid responses in my last post!

+ Just received a Fuji Instax and I'm loving it so far, but man it is BIG!  I'll share some images soon...

my weekend



In keeping with my theme of simplicity for this year, these are a few captures from my weekend.  Very relaxed as you can see!   I even enjoyed a little breakfast in bed.   It's safe to say that I have given up on trying to keep socks on my baby girl's feet.  Apparently, they are too tempting and must be taken off at all costs!

And the white outside the window?  Yes, that would be snow, my friends.   To say that I am ready for spring is an understatement.  I'm ready to venture out with my camera and capture all of the springtime goodness.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well~

film + natural light

My friends, I have fallen in love.

With film.

There, I said it.

So excited to share these first few film shots with you.  I have to admit that I'm learning, and that's the beauty of it.  My first roll of film came out completely blank.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my package and a blank roll of film fell into into my hands.  Ha!  Turns out I hadn't loaded the film correctly.

I tried again.  I still have a number of things to learn, but I love the grain and how this camera captures natural light.  With film, I feel like I captured the essence of this room.  I love that.  No post processing, just the photo - pure and simple.  A great way to start this new year.

More soon.